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[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

Almost there my friend. Just hang in there!

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

With the new contents, the game's size will probably be larger than 42 MB. I hope people don't mind about that...I'll try to keep it under 60 MB :S

Anyway, new screenies!

The Orb Of Ice

This guy's attack pattern isn't that bad. His reverse bubbles, on the other hand, are real pain in the butt.

The Orb Of Fire

The flame on left and right will moving in and out all the time, so your escape space is pretty narrow. The fact that his red bullets are always aimed toward you isn't help either :P

Yes, at first I was going to add only one extra boss. But I was carried away that I made a whole new extra stage *sigh*

[Experimenting Game] RGB ~Draw The Bullets~

The exams is coming up and I probably have no time to work on this anymore, so here it is! It only consists of one stage though :( With 4 different difficulties to choose. Any comments are appreciated :)

Gameplay video




Mouse movement - Move you character
Left Click - Draw
Right Click - Change Color
Spacebar/Shift - Hold to enter MIX mode/ Release to enter PAINT mode.

How To Paint

- Once any of your color meter is filled (Either it says 100% or you can see from the meters on the right hud), you can draw with that color. Right click to switch to that color, you can tell which color you're using from the color of your

- Press left button and hold to start drawing. You have to move your mouse cursor out of , come back to , and release left button while the cursor is inside . While you're drawing, the color meter will keep on decreasing. And if you can't make it back to before the meter runs out, your drawing will fail.

- Once you move your mouse around during drawing, you'll see the marker. If there are too few markers when your drawing cover a pretty large area, your drawing will fail.

- A successful drawing will result in any bullets inside the drawing area will be painted. Painted bullets act differently depending on the color effect, which are as the following :
Red : Reflect the bullets back
Green : Turn bullets into Power Star
Blue : Slow down the bullets

- If you're in MIX mode, you can paint the painted bullets with different color to mix color and create new color effect. This will cost 50 powers x Effect Level

Effect Level 1 (Cost : 50)
Red + Green -> Yellow : Napalm Ball
Green + Blue -> Aqua : Hyper Power Star
Red + Blue -> Purple : Flying Turret

Effect Level 2 (Cost : 100)
Red + Green + Blue -> White : Alpha Blaster

- If you're in PAINT mode, painting the painted bullets will replace the current effect with a new one.

- Power points affect the following stats
- Your painted bullets deal more damage.
- Your color meter decrease slower when drawing.

- Finish the boss with Effect Level 1 and above will turn all the bullets on the screen into Bonus Star.
- If you paint successfully, you'll become invincible for about 5 frames

The game is for prototype session over shmup-dev.com. Please tell me what you think. Any comments are appreciate since I really want to improve this :) Personally I wanna try using this system with arena shmup (think Geo War) but I want to see how it works with danmaku vertical shmup first.

U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~

All stages walkthrough with everything at max level videos made by Marston_X are now uploaded! Thanks to Marston_X for his hard work. ^ ^

U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~

Since the new version is coming soon with better writing, original soundtracks and an extra stage, I'll have to remove the game link for now. :)

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

Due to the upcoming of the new version, I'd have to remove the game link for now. :)

Fewer Mechanics, Better Game (Gamasutra Article)

This is very true and it's what I'm trying to do ...but it's darn difficult to follow. It's hard to make your game original, simple and has deep gameplay at the same time. I'm falling in too over complicated game myself, actually*sigh*

But hey, that's the fun part in game design , right? ::)

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

lol I thought it would be fun if the enemies were really smilies. That would make an interesting game haha. There will be more types of enemies in the later stages, though. :)

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

I have AIM, but I rarely online on that. I usually online on MSN. I'll send the detail to you via PM, is that ok? XD

I salute you too, for finish the game XD And yeah, the new game+ is basically what brandonabley answered. You can try setting your status for your own challenge too :)

I'm glad that the lag didn't turn you off. That's what I'm afraid the most, since RGSS is pretty slow, compare to other game engine :( Please come back with what you think about the game and the plot once you finish it!

Cool. I'll upload the game when I'm at my college where the internet speed is much faster then :D

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

Thank you! For those musics that don't come from video game or anime OST, I took them from flashkit website where they offer you free loop music. And I can't say thank you enough when you said you could write better music for me XD

@tsimehC & Archeia_Nessiah
Don't forget to come back with your feedback! It's my first attempt to shmup so I still could use some comments :)

Is there a limited to the size of the file that you can upload?