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Making 3D Games in Lite-C - Part I

Is there a way to add more font to the editor? There is now Thai font available so I can't see what I type in Thai in Lite-C, though it display correctly when I run the program :O

IG Maker has been released! (English Action Game Maker)

To those of you who don't like this and don't wanna use GM and MMF2, another option is Construct http://www.scirra.com

I've tried it and it's great so far. Moreover, it's free. You can also script in the game using Python, though the site said that drag-and-drop stuffs are enough for you to make a quality game.

As for IG, I think the interface are too difficult to understand or maybe they just don't have good tutorials available yet. But forcing you to use .wav for audio sucks, and I don't find porting to XBox360 and Flash that interesting anymore if you cannot finish a quality game with it in the first place.

3D Mechgame Engine

I've always secretly want to make a 3d mecha game and looking at this make me wanna learn lite-C now XD

U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~

Yeah I've just noticed that we have pages now! :) Will do that soon.

Hey look it's RMN3!

Very very nice. I really like the design :)


Perhaps it's because there isn't much to review :(

ika developments

Is this what you will ika be in the future or what currently ika is?

I really like the idea of IGL. I assume we are able to create our own IGL as well.

Still haven't got time to learn python properly yet but that doesn't mean I've lost interest in ika!

Show Off Your (Gamemaking) Youtube Channel

Screenshot Schmeenshot

If you want to write a foreign word in Japanese, it's better to use katakana instead of hiragana. There are some games that use hiragana to make it looks cute and funny, though. Unless NobleManNick want his game to be light and funny, hiragana shouldn't be there.

For example,

The game's name is Pocket Kanon Air. The word 'pocket' is written in hiragana, and so are those under the English text "Kanon" and "Air" They didn't go as far with the word "original soundtrack" since those are written in katakana and they are easier to read and recognize that way.

Another reason of using hiragana withotu making it looks too childish is to have it under kanji.

I don't know which part of Dragon Quest you're talking about though. If it were the very first Dragon Quest, then I guess it's probably kanji are too complex to draw on NES. But even the spells in the games are written in katakana. But usually in the game dialogue, it depends on the character personality and many things. Having a mix of hiragana and kanji while using katakana for foreign word is what they usually do. Using all katakana in the dialogue is for a robot/computer system or a foreign person trying to speak Japanese. And all in hiragana is for a kid or a funny character.

U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~

Some of the reviews were for the contest version which didn't feature awesome original musics yet though :/