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Using all hiragana makes it looks like it's the game for kid. You should use Katakana instead.

Can Fangames Be Good?

Many doujin softs have proven this already. There are ton of good fangames out there :/

To name some....
- Queen Of Heart 98,99, Party Breaker
- Megamari
- Touhou Gensokyo Rensa
- Pocket Kanon Air
- Concealed Of The Conclusion
- Eternal Fight Zero
- Valkyrie Profile Fighting ( It was really old. Don't remember the actual name anymore)
- Big Bang Beat 1st Impression

I believe in Japan they allow people to make fangames without suing them ( unless in some serious cases ) is that it also increase the popularity of the original game. The more fangames made, the more popular the original will be. And it allow everyone to have their own version of the original game, hence making them like the original more and more, which also help boost the sales of the goods and other merchandise of the original game as well. I could be wrong though, but that how I see it.

All in all, good games are good games, whether it being a fangame or not. Sometime it's better to make a fangame instead of an original one then later find someone yelling "OMG You copy that game! !@#!$#!$" at your game though.

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Haha I thought so too...it's really chaotic. XD Thank you!

Game Maker 7.0. :)

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I hate bugs. I think there are still some bugs here. Namely when the attack is interrupted from taking damages. :'(


Also testing new HUDs. Though I still need to work on the grand magia HUD though ( Grand Magia is like a super move. You can see it executed in the middle of the video. )


Wait, what do you mean? Your review isn't good enough? In any case, posting it here as a comment would be fine by me :)

I sure need a music or two...but I'm going to make a commercial version of this game X( Are you still interested? If so,please PM me :D


Sorry I seemed to miss your last paragraph. Yes, I'm planning on adding a story/mission mode and a multiplication mode. Also I'm thinking about adding some special blocks like a zero blocks that won't go away unless you include it in the 2nd and above chain.


And thank you for playing! I just check level 100+ for the issue you informed and I do see the problem. Still need to work on the formula to generate blocks and target sum that's suitable to the level X( Well, I made this game in 4 days and one full day was spent on rewriting the engine because I had some problem with alpha blending with the library I was planning to use ( StarRuby )

I actually didn't intend for people to reach level 100 though....haha since I could only get up to level 45 so I thought maybe 50 should be the last level. Seems like I've been proven wrong because there are like almost ten people that could go up to level 90+ now X(


And I thought I wrote that already X< The game is made from ruby + gosu game library. You can check it out here : http://libgosu.org/

The library is pretty cool and easy to use. Since it used OpenGL so 3D effect is possible.:D


Thank you for your comment Natook! Hmmm I really need to add a replay mode so that I can watch how people get to level 90+. I have a hard time getting passed lv. 45 myself :'(

As for the level issue, you can advance more than one levels, depending on your performance. Say, if you raise the blocks to the top and made like 40 chains at the beginning, it's possible to jump from level 0 to 10 in one chain :)

Persona 4

No don't! Reload the save file and try to get the true ending...it'll worth it believe me X(