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U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~

Because they're all from best indie musicians ;)

News Flash with Kermit the Frog [7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable]

This is insane... I really feel sorry for the victim. I mean, so many people there but nobody could help him. And he died for no reason at all. Now maybe it's time for them to consider having those metal detectors at bus station like at the airport?

Play Something! Day Results and Discussion Topic [August 1st, 2008]

I'm playing iffermoon but haven't gotten very far yet do to the work and all but here are some feedbacks.

+ Graphic style
Though, I'll admit that some character strike to me as ugly at first, the design is actually unique, consistent and fit well to the game world. The map are nicely done also.

+ Dialogue
I dunno but I dig the dialogue screen. Cool effect with the background :)

+ Knowing that you spent one year making this game for charity really make me wanna give you a gold medal. One of the nicest things I've ever seen someone do to charity. Thousand thumbs up. I'll donate some of my money :)

- Loading time
My laptop is 2.20 GHz with 1 GB Ram and I don't really run any other programs, yet it still took me like 5 minutes to load. Something's wrong here and it's one of the reason why it prevents me from finishing this game.

- Control
The control is really confusing. Once on a map, you walk around with your keyboards. But during the battle and in the menu, you use mouse to select command/ options. Using WASD for walking in the map would be better. And in the battle scene you use mouse! We need consistency here :(

I'll write the full review and submit it to the site after I finish the game.

I played Aurora Wing long long time ago. I was very surprised that this kind of game could be achieve by using RM2K3 but the limit of the engine really shows in later stages. An AI takes forever to calculate its movement. It's kinda sad thinking that they spent so much time on the game to make the system yet it cannot be perfect due to the engine limitation. I hope they remake the game on RMXP or VX, since with scripting, the same or even better system could be achieve with 1,000 times faster than in 2k3. Kudos for the effort , though. I'll pick this game up and play it again and come back with full review later :)

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

I've uploaded the OST! Check the first post :)

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

The new version is up. Don't forget to check out the extra missions!

Play Something! Day Sign Ups [August 1st, 2008]

My game U.S.G.~A New Beginning~ has a download link now, so anyone who's interested to try (even if you've played the game before, you still should play it since I've changed a lot of stuffs :P)

I'll play Iffermoon. Downloaded it long time ago but haven't played it yet :)

Play Something! Day Sign Ups [August 1st, 2008]

I'm glad that my game is selected to be in the list. However, I realized I haven't upload the new version yet. After I done with the job interview tomorrow I'll upload it right away. Sorry for any inconvenience!

How about a Play Something Day?

Go through each game in the list maybe? Are we gonna play every game submitted to this site though?

I see there are 36 pages of games submitted to this site, with 10 games per page. And if we're going to play only those games that have demo or are completed, then I'm sure the number will go down. So maybe we can play and review all the games under 36 weeks, assuming that this will be once-a-week activity.

Anyway, I'm in. I'm guilty of downloading so many games and cannot find time to play them too ^ ^;

Stat Differentiation

Well most of the games I play(namely Megaten series.) , DEF (or VIT) differ from HP. DEF make you live longer against PHYSICAL attack, while HP make you live longer no matter what kind of attack that is. DEF usuaylly deal with physical attack and not magic, so I don't see any confusion between increasing DEF or HP. Of course, in that game they make HP more useful by having skills that cost HP instead of MP.

Action Games in Rpgmaker

Well, I actually found Ruby to be easier to work with than Game Maker though. At least, it's easier when it comes to coding complex objects. But RGSS is just GOD DANG SLOW come pare to GML :-\ It's easier than coding purely in Ruby because with RGSS it's like you already have graphic and sound libraries ready for you.

Here's an action RPG game done purely by RGSS in RMXP. ;)