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Elements and Final Bosses

Just wanted to say that elemental attack are not limited to rpg! In USG, I have a secret boss that force the player to use all elemental attack also.

The secret boss switches its attack between normal attack and elemental orb attack. Elemental orbs are enemies that nullify any element except one. The player needs to exploit their weaknesses in order to survive that pattern thus forced the player to switch weapon every attack pattern.

So basically, my idea is to force player to use all elements and not just one. I guess this is the base idea for any elemental-based boss game.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

A game I'm working on for HBGames.org 5th anniversary contest. All the graphics are custom, thanks to Piti :)

It's a beat'em up game, pretty much like Noitu Love maybe? The deadline is the 5th of next month so I'm hoping I can finish in time.

The game's name is Alice in Underground. Basically it's a twist of the classic Alice in Wonderland.

Still lots left to do so I'd better work on it D:

RPG Maker DS

On the number of players it said '1 - 2 players' so maybe it's possible to play it together with your friend through wifi?


Thank you! I don't know if Brandon has seen it yet. Haven't seen him lately :D

Thanks! It took us something around 5 - 6 hours, excluding the storyboard. Making some resources took most of the time ( recording the play through, selecting which clip to use etc. )


I second Nightblade's suggestion. I also feel that the conversation pacing is weird in some parts, but I can't point my finger where exactly. Maybe there are too many long sentences that take up two msg box to finish.

The CMS looks nice! Very simple and clean.

Working on dotPlus again. Got music from Brandon long time ago and finally got time to do something with it. So I made a trailer/PV :D

The game still need lots of playtesting though....I need more time @_@


Free MMORPGs > Unfree MMORPGs.

So as not to waste post:

I think one of the best workarounds for attack spamming I've seen in an RM game lately is Rei-'s Ascendence. There is no attack command- instead, you use skills for all battle actions. On top of this, there's a very well implemented weakness tier, much like that seen in Fire Emblem, that makes certain attacks more effective depending on the enemy they're used on. You recharge your MP by guarding. I was pretty blown away with this system when I played the Ascendence demo.
Result= strategy required, no button mashing. Success!

This is similar to the RPG I decide except that I still keep Attack command. However, all command will cost 'Stamina' and once the character runs out of stamina, the character will be tired and need to rest for one turn to recover stamina to their maximum amount. During this state, the character evasion will be 0%, hence any attack against them will surely hit them and with more damage also.
The way to recover stamina safely is to select guard command.

I also use elemental weakness/strength to help build more strategy in this aspect by having elemental associate to weapon. Exploit enemy weakness will decrease enemies stamina or prevent you from losing stamina ( depending on which mode you choose, offensive or defensive ).

Haven't implement this yet but at least it will keep players away from enter-spamming and spend sometime thinking on who should attack whom with what.

Halloween Short Game Contest

This is interesting. Will see if I can come up with any idea for a game :)

Magus Magus

WIP, I thought so too...what about LAN? Would it be easier if it's just LAN network?

Magus Magus

I have a plan for that but right now I want to make the offline version work fisrt. Network programming is something I'm not really good at so I'll study more about that later and make a patch or something :D

U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~ Review

Thanks for the review! Really appreciate it :)

It's too bad you didn't like Len's voice. Is there any specific part she should improve? The voice actress who did Len voice is very active and she would love to hear any comment that would help her in this career.