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Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

I was sick and didn't work on this for like a week and a half so I couldn't finish it in time anymore. D:

Stage 2 midboss : Gnail ( Giant Snail :P )

Alice is about to be crushed.

The boss name should be replaced by an image instead of plain and boring text rendering like it currently is :)

Magus Magus

Piti and me were working on a project for HBGame contest so this game was on hold for a while X(

But not that I'm graduated, I'm sure I'll have more time and will get back on working on this game soon. :D

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Thanks! Also, as I replied Blindmind earlier, the animations in this game is pretty rushed since we only have about a month to finish this game :(

Well, the original Alice in Wonderland had them so why not ? :P

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

That Warmachine is really awesome! I also like Snot Goo :D I find Abbadan a little weird though. The anatomy seems off somehow, but it isn't that big of a problem :)

So finally some SCREENIES!! And I mean real screenshots not just mock-ups

Title Screen. There'll be random things flying upward.

Alice arrived the Underground.

Cheschire Cat will be the one who teach you how to fight in the first stage.


Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

I think the stats at the top looks pretty crowded. Also, maybe the text should start a new line after the colon? Like,

The berserker bellows :

Other than that it looks interesting and capture the feeling of NES game quite nicely :)


Piti got all the stages done and he made mock-ups to see how the characters will fit on each of them :O

I haven't even finished coding the first stage ughhh I hope I can finish this in time @_@'

I do agree with you that the animations seems a bit stiff but I'm afraid we don't have time to fix them at the moment because of the deadline :( I'll make sure to look into that once the game is finished and I have time or after the contest since we are planning on adding more stages and bosses, as well as fixing and improving stuffs.

Quick Thread - Effects for a Gambler skill.

I think it's pretty unlikely that this will happen on the first turn, given that the possibility is only 1/18. And if you want to fully restore before fighting a boss, you'd do that manually instead of gambling.

The chance that the number 7 will occur is probably during the middle phase of the battle, where bosses or enemies are probably dealt lots of damage already, so to fully restore them so that the party is fully restored seems like a very unbalance sacrifice to me.

Also, if the players accidentally select the wrong option and fully restore the boss, I'm sure they would be really really frustrated D: You could blame the player, but I think the punishment is too much and it should be designed to avoid such situation to happen.

Your First Game

Nope. It was made with Rmxp through ruby scripting and eventing :)

Your First Game

I lost my first game X(. It was on rm2k3 and it was a Shin Megami Tensei soul hacker rips off or something. The game was utterly crap, since at one scene all characters were speaking in English and then they continue talking in Japanese using romanji. Even the characters are a total mess. The main girl is Maya, and her friend is Sarah. You can heal at the canteen by the help of Minami-sensei ( ughhhh )

Didn't know what I think back then lol. I was trying to event a recruit system and having demons in your party stuffs like Soul Hacker too! It kinda work, but I gave up after 5 monsters of having to copy and paste the same event commands and having to set each variable myself for database stuffs. I didn't finish it, of course. My mapping also very suck since I download chipsets from somewhere and randomly putting stuffs together just to make it work. And by work I mean, you can teleport in and out of the city and walk around :P I still wish I had it though hahaha. I remember playing the battle test quite often and imagine that the bosses will be this and that. OMG good old times.

If you're talking about the first finished game, mine is Fluffy and The Gang. Spent 6 months with it and working with Piti, the artist guy, for the first time ( I had been working alone before I've known Piti )

Piti and me did the dubbing for all the characters. Great time.

How long have you been working on your game?

--- Completed Games ----
Fluffy And The Gang
- Six months. The best six months ever! My first complete project in rpgmaker :D Really encourage me to create more games.

U.S.G. ~ A New Beginning
- Two months for the contest entry version. Another month or two for the secret boss + improvement version.

Hello Panda
- A week. It was one of the most horrible week actually. I remember did not get any sleep to get it finished in time of the contest.

DotPlus PC Version
- 2 days. Actually it should take more time, but the library that I was first gonna use fail me so I have to start all over and did everything in two days.

DotPlus Flash Version
- 1 week ( excluding ads adding and bug fixes stuffs. It took another 1 week if you includes those, I think )

--- In Progress ----
- 2 Years, and this is probably the 3rd year of it now *sigh*. Bite more than I can chew with this one. X(

Magus Magus
- 1 Year. It's been on and off since we would like to finish small projects first.

--- Prototypes ---
RGB ~Draw The Bullets~, Gosu Shmup, Popoyo~ The Devil Apprentice ~, Chain Reaction ( a failure X( ), Evolve Or Die.
- These are done in a week for one-week prototype development activities over at shmup-dev.com. I wish I had time to do more though but real life prevent me from doing so heh.

Elements and Final Bosses

Digital Devil Saga2 also have secret bosses, Shiva and Vishnu, that require elemental attack strategy. However, they both heavily rely on the player memorizing the turn sequence.

For Vishnu, he change his elemental without performing any skills and you have to guess his current element from his attack.

Shiva is pretty much the same but his weakness/strong point changed following the turn sequence. It's been a long time so I might got this wrong but those who are interested in interesting elements strategy based bosses should really look into Shin Megami Tensei series :)