[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

^^ Cave - I'm new too! :)

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Found it: link.

Okay, so here's what I know so far from what everyone's said, assuming nobody has lied:

Cornucopia - 4 (Trihan, ? (Trihan's ally), demonlord, ? (demonlord's ally))
Orange - 2 (oddRABBIT, ?)
Yellow - 4 (CAVE, pianotm, ?, ?)
Lime - 3 (Bart, Irog, Natook)
Green - 1 (?)
Aqua - 3 (Frogge, ?, ?)
Blue - 1 (Kloe)
Pink - 1 (NeverSilent)
Red - 0

In alliance: Jeroen, demonlord, Trihan, Hexatona (now solo), CAVE (now solo)
pianotm: was partnered with CAVE
LockeZ: Had an item, got stolen
Zeuzio: Has the wakatashi blade, stole LockeZ's item (one-use blocker)
Hexatona: Tried to move, couldn't
Natook: Moved from red against his will

Players whose locations are currently unaccounted for are karins, psy, Delsin, Hexatona, Zeuzio, LockeZ and Blobofgoo. Obviously one of those is my ally and one of the others is demonlord's. The only zone in which we don't know at least one of the people is green.

We can pretty much confirm CAVE and pianotm's partnership as they both ended up in yellow, even though they've dissolved the partnership now.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Trihan made one. It's here somewhere...

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

For some reason, I feel this necessary: My ability is defensive. "Unlife: Block a night kill targeting you or your partner." Every time I block a kill attempt, I lose a life, and someone else dies in our stead.
This ability makes karins_soulkeeper best waifu. She'll take a bullet for you!

Also always read pianotm as Pian Tom...

Pian Tom sounds like a pidgin name of sorts. The type that sells you affordable noodles and various street food on a crowded alleyway by nightfall.

Yay! I'm gonna direct an RPG Maker room in an Anime Expo here in Santos later this year!

RPG Maker at Anime Expo? What's this world come to?

Next we're going to have mayonnaise panels at hot dog conventions.

Better than having a Japanese Doujin Expo, featuring nothing but Korean indie contemporary romance flicks...

Man that was awful.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

@piano Revealing abilities? Search me. Also I'd like to announce that my ability is "Redirection", which triggers when someone tries to nightkill me and instead kills the would-be killer.
If this is your real ability wouldn't that make you completely unkillable? (bar sacrificing)

Could have some restricting factor built-in (such as limited uses or something else).

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Three. Not sure if I'd get any more, and it seems unlikely.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

This game is weird.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=


I realised that the sk can partner up with me and kill everyone else, to make sure none of their kills would whiff...

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Yeah, I'm confused. I could be lying, but what's the point? If I lied about an ability that blocks night kills, then I'd only become a likelier target for the sk to down.