Progress Report XVIII: Detailing Ghembo's prowess and more.

That's what I intended. The gist is the Chaos Sniper is where he aims carefully then bring chaos in one shot. Silent Assaulter is where he silently and quickly eliminates one target in a flurry of shots.

I'm sure that I've balanced the game in the latest patch, and the simple shadows is the default setting. And if you mean I should eliminate the shadows for good, I'd say no. I mean, look at this:

See the difference? Their position will be biased with the lack of indicator of where they are: shadows! The shadows in this game is 10% eye candy; It needs shadows more than one can imagine. Will it be easy to play

without any hint of shadows below them?

Google Translate. What do you expect?

And thanks :).

Cruna Aktrid

It's about 2 hours, as far as I checked my own playtime.


Ah, good ol' Earthbound style. Now I have to confirm if the game have the scrolling damage system like Earthbound.

The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man

Wow, such efforts to make a classic presentation. Can't let it waste by not subbing this ;)