Beach Scenery Simulator 2014

Those empty enemies really made the scenery is like from a Beach Scenery Simulator game, numfank

Brain Overdrive

You're not alone there, yuna21. I prefer low numbers, even as small as Kingdom Hearts 1 (Sora's HP are around 18 in level 1. In KH II his biggest Max HP is 120, first time playing is 20, attainable only by unlocking. Can you imagine? A 21st century's Action RPG still use very low numbers?)! I don't like those 5 digits like in MMOs. Honestly, number digits are purely a matter of preference. They do give different feels, though.

Talk about low numbers, one of the reasons I LOVE Phantasy Star Online 2 is that the game still keeps low numbers like the good ol' days, not following the (free to play) MMO trend. 1000+ Max HP is considered ultimately high for the game :O. The bosses, though, do hold up millions of damage in contrast of the players.

Those ideas of yours isn't that hard to script, At least, for me :P Special for that side effect thing, I'm not a fan of that stuff :( I prefer things simple. It's okay if that one is really designed to have the side effect, but, not generally. That'll be a hassle.

Talk about side effects of potion drinking, it reminds me of a skill from a Touhou fighting game. A certain bunny-eared character can chug up potions to buff herself up. Chug too much and she'll explode, literally. She's not hurt, however.


Dat shadows, dat map, dat waterfalls, dat spikes

Nusakana's Random Blog Illustrations #1

Easy: as I said above, if you don't like it, I'll remove it in a jiffy. I do see it does more good than harm, though!


Then I have to make her attack flashier in her own game then :(