Found a Composer!

Congrats for have found a composer! But that's just the start of the two of you. There's still more to come, there.

Touhou - Wandering Souls

Going to steam and make money...? Like, changing the Touhou theme and all? All of them? It sounds fine, but retaining the Touhou theme will be a chore on its own. I don't think Steam will accept fan games, so the best way to commercialize this game is via Comiket. Don't forget Touhou's own fan game commercialization guidelines there.

Touhou - Wandering Souls

Congrats for the game being featured, Estheone! :D It really took pretty long for the game to be featured, huh?

Oddysea Dungeon

This game really smells Etrian Odyssey. Keeping track on this.

EDIT: Now this is tickling me. Will this game let you make your own characters, like those good ol' dungeon crawling RPGs? Not preset characters?

Various Updates

Ah, the Genesis era, and even the Sega CD! You really paid attention to those classic details. The days when Sega was still "This may not work, but what the hell".

Don't worry, we still can wait. Just make our wait worth it, okay? ;)