Cruna Aktrid

Okay, announcing that patch v0.22 is already up!
The patch fixes several fatal glitches like not be able to go back in some places at certain points.

Cruna Aktrid Gameplay ~ Vs. ZeButler

Thanks ^^

It's actually a mid-boss battle theme (now), and you can fight him again and again as you see him. You still have the option to run away, though.

Cruna Aktrid

Of course. 2 more dungeons are already up.

Learning Curve is Fatal

The combat log exists, commenting every actions happened. And I think alphboar's visual cue is enough.

And by timing, if you move different characters in a row, they do it almost simultaneously. The charge should be evadeable.


But to make attack still possible, defense is needed... Attack will bring no victory if the attack itself is halted, which defense can halt the halting.

Higher Difficulty? Insane, Lunatic, etc.

If we're talking about higher difficulty level... I'd appreciate it more if the difficulty setting affects the enemy's pattern / level design as well, not only the parameters. Only raising parameters is only a simple matter of adapting the parameters, not the player's strategy...

Cruna Aktrid

Well, they've been addressed since the 2nd demo is already out. Enjoy! Oh, don't forget the patch...

Cruna Aktrid

Announcing that patch to v0.21 has been uploaded... It patches some issues and weakens the enemies' HP considerably... I messed up the learning curve for players, considering this game has mechanics too peculiar to people :(

Monster World Legends

Okay, such shame that the game isn't compatible to controllers, of all things. And as usual, I'm not holding back of things that too problematic to me:

- The game really needs the mouse, huh? It's kinda a hassle to switch between mouse dan keyboard just for switching between action and accessing menu. Maybe you haven't implemented keyboard control support for the menu? No, wait, is this for demo purpose? I see that the menu screen for items etc. already support keyboard controls. But why not the start game?
- There's no tutorial or instruction that tells me that the blue, flashing, floating crystal takes you back to stage selection.
- You can stomp on enemies on a platformer game which you can use a weapon? That's news to me!
- Such a shame that Lydia can't swing her sword mid-air... I do really think that attacking mid-air in a platformer that let you attack with weapon is crucial.
- Wait, there's a bigger problem. Lydia can't swing her sword while moving! That makes her attack less responsive...
- Though flashing and screen shaking exists while you get hit, enough to give you feedback that you got hit, I still think that it's not that strong since I didn't get any knockback. I know knockback is very annoying, but I kinda miss it... It gives damage feedback better, and helps me to scram off at most cases :(
- The barrels were tickling me to hop on it, but sadly... They're just decorations... I thought they're parts of the stage!
- Ugh, the game freezes for a slight moment while the music loops! Annoying!
- When losing (lost a live for reasons like falling down), seems that the losing movements feels too brief. Just, feeling too sudden...? Wait... WHAT!? It exists in demo levels! Why I was only given the try again message in main levels!? No, just Demo Level 1? No, several contraptions only? A spike in Demo Level 2 did the similar, but not the other traps...
- Demo Level 3's lava feels too sudden to start. Too fast and too early, literally.
- Demo Level 3 seems unclearable too. There's a place with full of spikes on top but no foothold at all, and I need to go across.
- I dunno, but seems that I can experience double death, I lose 2 lives and get 2 prompts of death. Happens often with spikes.
- I dunno with this demo's boss, but he's too easy to get hit. I mean, once he got staggered, I only need to keep attacking and he won't fight back at all! Only waiting for his death! But while giving him mercy, his attacks are actually pretty hurting damage-wise. Too bad, that only weakness made him very weak...
- Wow, pretty much I've done is really flashy. Even one simple slash of Lydia's feels strongly satisfying, equivalent to how she 1 hit kill a foe! Oh, no, this is not a complaint :D
- On transport stone (You need to hold down the down button to use it, yes?), I thought the down button isn't working! Then suddenly, I got teleported... Some animation that indicates the down button works can be better...
- Other than those complaints above, the controls for Lydia is responsive and tight. A commendable example for controls.
- Thank goodness that I'm not the only one who loves the Monster World series! :D Now that I mentioned it... The enemies seems from the Monster World games. Just mentioning.
- And damn, the Monster World IV theme... Brings back memories of playing the obscure PS2 Monster World collection game... Goddem language barrier made me stuck of playing Monster World IV!

Though the level designs did give frustration and such, they're finely designed and satisfying to beat. This game puts those smartphone RPGs to shame (I mean, korean ones). I wanna keep track on this game!


A slight reference to Ace Attorney series, actually. Wright and Co.'s office has a potted plant named Charlie.