[VIDEO] 2 minutes from the upcoming NUMINA Demo

Too bad, I'd prefer to watch a mini trailer with true bits of gameplay than a 2 minute footage that barely shows gameplay :(

Just saying.

[VIDEO] 2 minutes from the upcoming NUMINA Demo

No combat...!? Hey... Or is this game designed to have no combat at all?

Changes to Game

It's been so long since your last update, and you've been rehashing the game to a far better level with more determined personality. Very worth the wait!

However, her face there seems rather gloomy to me, in contrast to light-hearted mood of the last demo. Too realistic? I can't hate the other stuff of the art, though!

Nutshells: Ashen

Summoner Tsundere?

Anyway, gameplay wise, she looks like a red mage. Passable attack and both offensive and healing spells.

Among tsunderes, I can say that Ashen is rather collected. I can't stand unreasonable cliched anime tropes. She not always mad everytime she's taunted.

Thanks there :)

Basic Battle System Explonation

I've seen more brutal systems than can't recover. Afterall, the main barrier, Guard Points, is recoverable freely. Oh, can't see your HP and MP numbers is more or less brutal too, relying the characters' expression and prediction. And as if there no such thing as miss is brutal enough... (Action games, granted)

But no joke, can't recover the main HP and can't revive is still rather brutal, alright.

Basic Battle System Explonation

I see, so the animations aren't final in the video? That explains it. And talk about one character KO game over, please don't bring that eroge's nightmare...! :(

For your information, you can just edit the post rather than making a new media post to fix the link...

Basic Battle System Explonation

You linked a shortcut url rather than a valid youtube url there. That's inconvinient to watch, IMO. Can you fix that?

I gotta be honest. In the screenshot the battle screen looks utterly impressive, but the stiff and weird animations (Saragat's, especially) feel off. But I can't expect Mario & Luigi level of frame smoothness... right? :P

The system sounds promising, the only thing to wait is the execution. More reason to play :)

Last question: You said that a KO'd (or dead?) characters are unreviveable in the battle. Does that mean... permadeath exists? Or revival is possible after battle?


We ought to see this animated, QUICK!

Sadly, playing isn't an option. I'm working and barely have anytime to play but the usual games... Gotta touch this when I can, though.


It looks like this game wants to be far darker than Dark Souls series...!

I'm not a fan of super bleak games, but I think it'll be interesting to watch this game go on. Subbed. I'm more to lightheared games afterall. But a break from those isn't bad.

Also, dat big big, detaild battle sprites. And if I may ask, why GP? Feels too alien for me as a term for HP. Life is far less alien.

Video game tunes that get stuck in your head often?

Oh, childhood.

I'm not sure if anyone has posted Metal Slug 3's character select theme here, but that theme stucks eternally.