Preference on Dungeon Length

The latest game I played with dungeons is Bravely Default, and the dungeons are just as simple as the routes give. Barely any puzzles, but pretty fun to explore, to the least. Dungeons don't have to be complex.

The length and stuff depends on the feel you want on the game, but as a player myself, I don't want the dungeons to be too similar to one and another. A good variety is very welcome, like one dungeon is very simple, then the next one is filled with poisonous march. Oh, don't forget the enemies that reside in the dungeons. To me, variety is key.

Are Core Scripts getting out of control?

As a scripter myself, I'll refrain from forcing the users to have my core script or whatever it is. It's annoying, if you ask me.

I've never checked those core scripts, but I'd say the purpose core scripts exist that it containts the scripter's own convenient scripting snippets, reducing headache for making more specific scripts.

I can only say that... better be patient and at least they work...!

Animation Test. Now more eye-candy.

Dat music, that animation.

Maybe that's the reason this video got featured in RMN TV, rich? Congrats! Makan-makan!

Cruna Aktrid

Literal double posting... correct? Or are there any other specifications of double posting...? I won't do it again, sorry! :(

New server move [APRIL FOOLS] (refresh your browser)

This is both hilarious and very unfunny...! Thank god I browse this site with my phone, but typing awkwardly flipped is awkward!

Happy april fools, and when will this chaos end!?


Grammars (and cultures) is one of our team's weakpoint. We have 0 experience about western use of English (What do you expect)? :P I'll tell the mapper for some stuff you said there, regarding the tiles.

Thanks for the comment! :D

Toby's Island

Hahaha, reading their comments in siliconera was pretty amusing! :D
I don't hate any idea of the game's mechanics here, but yep, I'm not the fan of the art style. It feels generic since it's reminiscent to most smartphone games out there, and I don't really like the color palletes; too solid. It's my opinion afterall, I'm used to anime-style with paler and softer palletes.


Seconding BurningTyger. Let's avoid confusion here, especially since MW IV is the last game of the series, officially. The damn ending and that genie!

Toby's Island

Just posting here to bring something:


Seems siliconera took an interest in your game ;)