A Sporadic Update

Duh... I've tried making XAS capable for (pseudo) pixel based movement... Works very damn well! One of the projects I'm participating in is using RMXP and uses XAS as the base battle engine. Yep, I sure did implemented the pseudo pixel movement. It got very fluid compared to its earlier ventures. You might think to implement one too.

I do see that the UI is intuitive enough. Personally, I'd prefer that the enemies' HP doesn't show up at all, only when I target them Tales of style. Key mappings doesn't have to be shown as well. It's purely my preference, afterall. Maybe you guys can consider an option to turn them off?

The end is... ended!

Okay, this is a very nice progress since the last news :D. I even forgot when was the last time you updated the game's progress.

Episode I nearing testing.

Linearity in exchange of story immersion... Yeah, the decision that made FFXIII such a flop in eyes of fans. Correct me right away if your opinion differ here. Making the game too linear isn't a cheap price to pay, you know? I'd prefer my freedom to goof off still intact, at least, backtracking.

It it's for top notch experience of reading playing, we'll wait for it :)


... Charades :P

She's a kid who barely knows anything, after all...

Attempting to create a skill merge system...

Skill fusion...? Well, maybe not bad, but... Good luck. The execution might be awry.


That should be included from start. Very nice addition, Skie!

Musing and Progress 2/13/2014

J-Man's idea isn't bad. Why not post the image in the images page aswell?

Musing and Progress 2/13/2014

I'll only question Remiel (from the 2nd screenshot)'s portrait. His style is quite different from the others, bearing barely contrast visible outlines. Is there anything particular about it? Just a matter of consistency.


Stop, you make my old fanboy persona cry :(