• slash
  • 04/20/2015 12:56 AM
A casual introduction to the Unity engine, with lots of helpful hints on how to approach it!

Hi! I'm Slash and I'm here to teach you about Unity3D. It's incredibly popular lately and there's already a number of designers on this site that use it (like me!) but there's no tutorials at all! Since it's my favorite game engine and since Kentona has been bugging me for it for a while, I figured I could write something up. Hopefully it helps~
Return of the SNEWS - RMN SNEWS - ISSUE #23
How are things going? What are you up to these days? Are you still active?

Remember how I made the RMN resolution to "Engage in conversations; embrace change; give feedback; treat people well; give credit; show interest; develop strengths; identify weaknesses; focus on new members; add more knowledge; keep members informed."? A big part of that is increasing my engagement with the community. So let's engage some more. Consider this a "State of the Union" address, but without the gravitas.
Slip Into Ruby: Battlers
Hello Sports Fans! I was feeling generous and I've just started sharing these with RMRK and rpgmakerweb, so you get a bonus early edition of


It's finally the time all (most (some (a few (none (because nobody reads these))))) of you have been waiting for: battlers! We're going to delve in and get all nitty-gritty with some of the most complicated code you're going to see in the default scripts, so buckle your seatbelts, put on some fresh pants and pack a lunch!
  • Leigh
  • 04/05/2015 11:49 AM
The purpose of this analysis is to determine how a particular site constitutes an online audience space with an examination of the audience practices existing there.
That site? RMN.
That game? Pom Gets Wi-Fi.

Face your stats in this dangerous new world, where danger, death and madness lurk around every corner. Nothing too exceptional to report on stats this month, but we are over 100 commercial game profiles.
Izu Paradiso (in development)
Another area in the works to feature in our Kickstarter campaign vid.
Obviously I want to showcase as much of the full-game's colour, variety and vibrancy as possible, so including Izu Paradiso in it was a no brainer.

I have to say that it's my favourite of all the parallax-mapping assets I've created so far.
Craze is Mischievious
The results are in for the Mischief List Maker poll, and the winner is Craze with his 'All Aboard the SS Drama' playlist! Congratulations Craze, and thank you to all the participants.
Mischief Managed
This was a Playlist creation event. Contestants were to make a good, creative play list of at least 4 games and post a link to that list in this topic. I have checked them out, select the top 10 (in my opinion) and put them in a poll.

We will now vote for the best one, and the winner will get a gifted copy of Mischief (worth $25) a cool art program, courtesy of RMN!
Battledome Completed!
The RESULTS are in! We've finally woke up that lazy bum in the voting booth to tally the votes. Here they are!
Incitement - A Look at How Game Play Really Does Matter
  • amerk
  • 03/24/2015 01:56 PM
When it comes to a good SciFi RPG, it would seem that RPG Maker games have always been in the minority. Even amongst more popular titles such as Lost Land Ruin, Alter A.I.L.A. and Iron Gaia, this is a genre that gets drowned out by mainly fantasy and survival horror games. And then along came Celianna’s Futuristic Tileset and Matseb’s growing use of these resources, and we’re slowly starting to see an upward trend of these kind of games.

FF:BPII - INFO BLURBS! March 2015 Edition
  • UPRC
  • 03/18/2015 02:23 AM
Because I'm seriously tired of seeing the costume ideas blog post, I'm writing something new! Check that out! I'm calling this the INFO BLURBS and might try to make one each month sometime, just to say what's new with the game and were I currently stand. So...
1. Estimated Completion Date
2. "Squall, what are you doing here?" "... whatever."
3. The Chocographer Device
4. Abilities!
Release Something'd
Release Something! Day XIII Feedback Thread is live and ready for...well, feedback! The submissions and their links are all listed in the first post for your quick perusal. Happy commenting!
Mischief List Maker
This is a Playlist creation event. Make a good, creative play list of at least 4 games and post a link to that list in this topic. I will check them out, select the top 8 or 10 or so (in my opinion) and put them in a poll. We will then vote for the best one, and the winner will get a gifted copy of Mischief (worth $25) a cool art program, courtesy of RMN.
Hello class! Today we're going to finish our bestiary projects.

A series of articles about Ruby and breaking down the scripts to help those new to the subject to slip on in and start their own scripting adventure.
The Great RMN Migration
RMN is moving!

We recently purchased a new server which actually turned out to be a bit more powerful than our current server (with a faster network connection) for less money!

On Saturday, March 21st at about 9:00 AM CDT I will freeze the current site and put up a splash page alerting visitors to the move. This will ensure that I have the latest copy of all game downloads, images, locker files, etc. as well as the latest copy of the site's database.
Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Tipping Stats

The next round of statistics are up (finally - I think this is the latest they've ever been). We are over 3 million downloads! Also, I don't have to quit RMN forever because someone else reached 10,000 posts before I reached 30,000.
Battledome Semi-finals
Round 4 of the Battledome voting is underway. The semi-finalists slug it out over the chaotic ocean world Archia and over the industrial world Titan. Study the battleplans of the remaining four and cast your vote now!
Behind every cynic is a frustrated idealist
I've been following this project pretty much since its debut on RMN, partly because I like the developers' other work, partly because I like detective fiction, and in part because this duo's projects have a tendency to make me think about them a lot more often than other projects.
State of the Game ~ Musings About the Future
  • Craze
  • 02/26/2015 08:43 PM
So. Kiddos.

I started working on and almost finishing that stat redux right before the Game Jam, when I was invited into a team and decided "why not, it's just two weeks." It soon was three weeks during which I worked on our project, finished my share and nothing got released. Welp.
Second Saturday Scores
I am going to try something new here at RMN this month (and every month going forward in 2015). I am going to track your Makerscore every second Saturday of the month and calculate how much you gained. And then I am going to rank you, post the Top 30, give achievements to the Top 5 finishers and give a prize from my Steam inventory to the Top Makerscore Earner the past month.