Why Use A Hammer When You Can Just Use A Giant Superball
  • Addit
  • 07/21/2016 07:17 AM
I’m not sure why Ratty524 would choose to do Breakout out of all things to do with Stencyl, but I think this was his first attempt at making a game using the engine, so I’m guessing that he wanted to make something simple to start off with, so Breakout was probably the first choice that he had come to mind - and I respect that.

So let’s go see if Ratty524 manages to do a fine enough job that this game can pass off as a successful Chinese knockoff of it or if it’s better left burying it with the rest of the unsold copies of E.T. in the dump…
TungermanU's SOS Music Pack
Looking for some swell tunes to round out your game?

Check out Tungerman's awesome pack, currently sitting on the shelf, unloved, in the resource section. There are 15 different songs for use, all made by Tungerman for the Summoner of Sounds event. So go forth and download!
Best of Blogs #026
Of the 79 blogs that were added to the site between the 1st-15th of July, only 8 made it on the short list.

Check them out and aim next fortnight for a spot on the list!
Introducing the Context Menu and Action Menu!
Today I'm introducing two new features for @JRL. Those features are the Context Menu, and the Action Menu.

Independence Day Restatgence
Do they have a 4th of July in England?

Anywho, the latest round of stats are up. Not much of note to note as we are only approaching major milestones but haven't actually crossed any of them. Enjoy!
Best of Blogs #025 - DOUBLE FEATURE
A month of blogs, this time around!

17 have made it past the cut of 137 blogs posted during May.

Which ones? Check here to find out!
This pathfinding will be an implementation of Dijkstra Maps used in the roguelike Brogue. The gist of it is that we will build an array with the cost of each tile. We do this by setting a goal tile to the cost of zero and all the other tiles to some high number. Then each tile check their neighbours cost, if the tile has a cost that is at least 2 higher than the cheapest neighbour we change the cost to 1 above the neighbouring tile.
Let's Draw
We're going to be playing the Telephone Game! Remember the Telephone Game?

Person A draws Pic1
Person B sees Pic1 and draws Pic2, trying to recreate Pic1 in their own style.
Person C sees Pic2 and tries to recreate it in their own style, making Pic3.
Person D sees Pic3 etc.
Super Mario Super Winners!
The Results are in for the Super Mario Bros. Super Contest! The Grand Prize Winner is...


...for his amazing level "The Lost City!"
X-Men: Statpocalypse
The evolution of statistics is finally here. Bow before your new masters!

The next round of statistics are finally up after a half-month delay. Enjoy!
Devlog 83: Card Pool
RobCo Super Toaster X: Devblog System........Initialising|
Oh boy, have I got some major news for you girls and boys.

Anti-Procrastination Initiative
Welcome to the Anti-Procrastination Initiative! The aim of this event is to provide a frame that encourages RMNers to take the opportunity to overcome their tendency to procrastinate. If you are one of us who struggle to stay focused on a task for a longer time, now is the time to start fighting back, and you can earn yourself a shiny achievement and some Makerscore in the process!
Concept Art - The Merfolk
  • Roden
  • 06/02/2016 04:28 AM
Hey everyone.

It's been a long time in the making, but now that I have two Merfolk characters fully designed, I believe it's finally time to talk about the lengthy process that went into finding a final design for this species.
Best of Blogs #024
With this instalment we reach the full year mark of Best of Blogs. That's two each month for a year.

The time has certainly flown!

This fortnight we got a total of 70 blogs, with 8 picks. Did your blog make it?
The "Slash Up" Element Trumps Everything Else...
Most games are flawed in that they are so difficult that it sparks frustration rather than fun, or they are so wistfully programmed that they literally fail to be playable. There is another type of bad game, however, that’s not so common: the ones so devoid of any meaningful challenge that they create an unengaging experience that fails to satisfy anyone in the end.
RMN Birthday Event Idea Poll
Pick what you think is a neat idea for the upcoming RMN Birthday Event. If you have a better idea, share it with us!
Best of Blogs #023
Two for two!

We had a total of 72 blogs this fortnight (May 1st-15th) and of those 10 were picked as the best. Check them out and give 'em a clap on the shoulder for a job well done!
Visual Character Designs
  • Sooz
  • 05/11/2016 12:00 AM
A basic overview for beginners, with links to some useful tutorials.

Before you ever draw a single stroke, you need to determine your character basics- not even the details like age, background, and the like, but things like “Who is this person in the story?” and “What themes am I going for with this character?” What character traits are the most important for them?

05/11/2016 01:03 AM
April Misao Monthly Round-Up
The list of Misao-applicable games from the month of April has been released. Check out a few games on the list and have your say as to whether they're worth looking at or not!

Share your thoughts on these games and give your recommendations for what is and is not Misao-worthy!
Progress Report: April
Thirty days hath April, so I guess it's time for a progress update! And, honestly, it won't be too different from last month's offering, so feel free to skim straight to the videos if you prefer. It will all be over soon.