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Best of Blogs #023
Two for two!

We had a total of 72 blogs this fortnight (May 1st-15th) and of those 10 were picked as the best. Check them out and give 'em a clap on the shoulder for a job well done!
Visual Character Designs
  • Sooz
  • 05/11/2016 12:00 AM
A basic overview for beginners, with links to some useful tutorials.

Before you ever draw a single stroke, you need to determine your character basics- not even the details like age, background, and the like, but things like “Who is this person in the story?” and “What themes am I going for with this character?” What character traits are the most important for them?

05/11/2016 01:03 AM
April Misao Monthly Round-Up
The list of Misao-applicable games from the month of April has been released. Check out a few games on the list and have your say as to whether they're worth looking at or not!

Share your thoughts on these games and give your recommendations for what is and is not Misao-worthy!
Progress Report: April
Thirty days hath April, so I guess it's time for a progress update! And, honestly, it won't be too different from last month's offering, so feel free to skim straight to the videos if you prefer. It will all be over soon.
Best of Blogs #022
Hello, yes, this is Liberty. I remembered this time. Check out the best of the blogs from the end half of April.

We had a record-making minimum this month!
RMN gets down
If you happened to visit RMN over the weekend, you might have noticed that the site was down, and a splash page was in its place encouraging you to join our Slack channel.

The server that RMN was on DIED AN IGNOBLE DEATH. RMN is now on a NEW SERVER.
The story of my woes and frustrations in creating this game
While I doubt highly that people are going to care about the development process of a game as basic as this, I felt like lending some insight as to how this all came about, and maybe you'll get something out of it?
BLANK: A Patch in the works!
So you may be asking yourselves why I'm writing this new blog post (or probably not, if you've already memorized the title of the post). Well basically I'm nearing that stage in development where I'm not quite ready to release what I've been working on so far, but I am prepared to show you what's what. Now without further ado, let's finally talk about...

BLANK: Patch 1.2
RMN Voice Talent Search
  • Happy
  • 04/19/2016 04:30 PM
Hey! I'm looking for some new announcers to RMN's future audio posts!

I am looking to have some variety in some of the coming announcements, so any voice types are welcome! You should have a good microphone capable of recording clear quality audio with no notable background noise or other audio artifacts.

The commissions will generally be short, ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute.
Best of Blogs #021
Liberty forgot AGAIN to post about this on the frontpage, so here I am doing it. I have no idea what's in the article as I haven't even opened it yet. Just fulfilling my role as overall site administrator here. Appreciate me.
RMN TV Talent Search
So I'm not sure if you guys know, but RMN has a Youtube channel. At it's height, it had quite a bit of activity, and then things, well...died.

THAT'S OKAY THOUGH, because now we're back in the game again, and we're looking to revive the Youtube channel like a phoenix with some new content, but we want you guys to get involved as well! Specifically, we need two things from the community;
Concept Art - Summer Springdale
  • Roden
  • 04/11/2016 12:55 PM
Hey Everyone.

Now that I'm back from vacation in NFLD and have all my files, I thought I'd do a little art blog. Songs from Aelsea has always been an art heavy project, and it represents a great trial ground for my concept process. For a time it was something I came back to every time I learned something about concept art or character design and made some adjustments in.
{March} Misao Monthly Round-Up
Every month we talk about the games that count for Misao Nomination this year. March's games include 30 demos and 45 complete games!

If you want to share your thoughts on the various games mentioned in the topic, please do so. Recommend a game for being great and share with the site some hidden gems you dug up that no-body else seems to have noticed. They can't be nominated if people don't know they exist, after all!
Who wants free games?
So back on April 1st, 2011, I started doing statistics for RMN. More out of curiosity than anything else. And I kept doing it on a monthly basis for 5 years. More out of a sense of obligation than anything else.

On a lark, and since I have a glut of shittier games on my Steam gift inventory, I am going to propose a quick event to gift 5 games from my Steam inventory to 5 people who identify the most interesting trends or takeaways from the Statistics posts from the past 5 years, as judged by me.

Deadline is April 11th, 2016
Stats, Stories, and Accessibility
Once again, I'd like to sincerely apologize for taking down the demo. I'm usually good about keeping it up for those that want to play it. I hope by the end of this blog, you understand a little more why I did.

So what exactly did I have a change of heart about?
5th Anniversary of Stats
Yes, it has been 5 long years (61 months) worth of statistics compiled and posted by yours truly (kentona (that's me) (in case you were wondering)). We have 2698 games with a download now, which is insane for a little niche gaming site imho.
The Long Wait and The Path from Here
  • Roden
  • 03/25/2016 03:46 AM
Hey everyone.

You might remember that quite some time ago Songs from Aelsea (a 2k game at that point) went on an indefinite hiatus while I worked out kinks in the game design, the script, and basically every facet of the game. Well, I wanted to announce today that for the last month or two I've been steadily putting the pieces back together again. But I figure I should talk about what I've been doing, and why I was led back here.
Demon Slayer: Rise from the Ashes: choo-choo 2: Electric Choogaloo: A New Hope
Why is this still on hiatus?
You see, I’ve been, uh...
PETTING DOGS and I tend to focus on...

So that’s why this is still on hiatus. That being said, some things do happen every now and then, and as customary at this point here’s the “it’s been 2 years since the last update” update.
Combat design! (release next week)
Hey all, another design post slash progress update. Progress: I've been distracted with other stuff, but playtesting is wrapping up and all that's left is to fix a few issues that came up during beta, and then we'll have a packaged release sometime next week. It's nice to actually go back and fix stuff after the game's complete rather than our usual release pattern of "put it out immediately, cross fingers." 03/14/2016