Out-of-combat skills
Something I noticed while testing a healing skill using my combat plugin is that the skill only heals a small amount compared to an actor's maximum HP, even though said skill has a magic power of 100% (which correlates to 10 Intelligence Influence in RT2K3's built-in combat system). When you think about it, that makes a certain amount of sense: you generally want an actor to be able to take at least a few strong hits without being KOed, so an equally strong heal wouldn't restore that much health either, right?
Progress Report: October (1).docx
Give or take a few days, it's this gamepage's one-year anniversary! And according to my most recent LinkedIn email, it was two years ago today that I officially incorporated as a commercial pursuit. I suppose I should celebrate somehow (and really, I've got plenty more to celebrate about anyway), but right now, it's time for an update!

Let's Game Together!
We have a steam group (that I never check, but it exists) and we also have that discord server thingie.

So we should game together. There HAS to be some game most of us have, or even a couple of us have. So let's play. Together. You know, instead of being lonely souls playing that 50 hour RPG by ourselves.
Let's talk about "GoldenGuard:GO!"

A lot of time flew by since my last progress report. And in all honesty, I didn't work much on the completely new version of GoldenGuard. However, I found new motivation for my little golden gem. Especially because this game will still be a simple game with no dialoges or super complicated stuff. It's managable.

So, how's my current progress for GoldenGuard:GO! ?
RTP: About This Game
How it started:
People who frequent the forums have most likely stumbled across this advice aimed at people new to RPG Maker: don't start making the game of your dreams right off the bat. Start out small, and work your way up. Start with a game consisting of a single town, dungeon and final boss fight just to learn the basics of the program. Of course, I never did this, as I had my own ideas of what I wanted my first game to be - and surprisingly, it didn't even turn out to suck that badly.
Operation Kentonfall
Effectively immediately, I will be stepping down as active administrator of RMN and taking a lesser role of operator. I still own and operate RMN, and will be the point of contact for our server contracts, Paypal account, domain name, Marvel lawyers, etc..., but will no longer involve myself in the day-to-day running of the site.
Never Go Back
Stats are up finally. I think this is the latest they've ever been.

Enjoy them while they're hot!
*Investigation Theme Starts Playing*
Why, hello again everyone. I know it's not mid-October yet, but I just wanted to share something I've been working on.

So the investigation of the first case is still being worked on, but I've largely abandoned working on that for the time being in favor of working on some of the last graphical things that I have yet to make. Mainly for the trials. I mean, I'll have to work on the trial anyways right after finishing up the investigation, so might as well get all this out of the way before I even get there.
Progress Report: September
This month marks the 12th progress report, which means it's almost the gamepage's one-year anniversary! We've had some laughs and killed some time; to think that, a year ago, I said this thing would be likely released in the fall of 2016! Hah!
Smile Game Builder Engine
A new engine on the market, this 3D/2D game engine allows for quick and easy map creation, pre-set or in-depth eventing and easy customisation of base details such as party composition, skill learning and the like.

It isn't quite as in-depth as other engines, but it is easy to use and allows for a fully 3D environment with different camera views (first person vs 3/4).
Sanity Cost: 999 SP
I was kinda bummed I couldn't find a team for the McBacon Jam. So to make up for my lack of participation, I decided to go ham on PotF and spend as much time as I would if I were on a jam. The end result is that a lot of ground was covered in both planned and unplanned areas.
Kubo and the Two Stats
September stats are up. Enjoy.

Wake me up when September ends.
What’s in the Toy Box?
Throughout his adventure, Jimmy will come across toy boxes containing all sorts of fun things. If he were in an rpg, these would be the equivalent of treasure chests. But, sometimes you’ll run into special toy boxes that have extra surprises in addition to the normal equipment and items. Let’s see what we might find in this one…
Bring home the Gold!
The August round of statistics are now up. We have had a collective 4 MILLION DOWNLOADS of games from RMN. Not bad for a site dedicated to a niche of a niche of a narrow hobbyist market. Also, we have a new Makerscore queen...
Process - Anatomy of a Town
  • Roden
  • 08/04/2016 06:37 AM
Hey everyone.

Since I've been spending so much time recently working on the next town in Aelsea, I thought I'd capture some images along the way and write a blog about my process for creating towns, since it's pretty non-standard as far as what I know about most RM town design.
Why Use A Hammer When You Can Just Use A Giant Superball
  • Addit
  • 07/21/2016 07:17 AM
I’m not sure why Ratty524 would choose to do Breakout out of all things to do with Stencyl, but I think this was his first attempt at making a game using the engine, so I’m guessing that he wanted to make something simple to start off with, so Breakout was probably the first choice that he had come to mind - and I respect that.

So let’s go see if Ratty524 manages to do a fine enough job that this game can pass off as a successful Chinese knockoff of it or if it’s better left burying it with the rest of the unsold copies of E.T. in the dump…
TungermanU's SOS Music Pack
Looking for some swell tunes to round out your game?

Check out Tungerman's awesome pack, currently sitting on the shelf, unloved, in the resource section. There are 15 different songs for use, all made by Tungerman for the Summoner of Sounds event. So go forth and download!
Best of Blogs #026
Of the 79 blogs that were added to the site between the 1st-15th of July, only 8 made it on the short list.

Check them out and aim next fortnight for a spot on the list!
Introducing the Context Menu and Action Menu!
Today I'm introducing two new features for @JRL. Those features are the Context Menu, and the Action Menu.

Independence Day Restatgence
Do they have a 4th of July in England?

Anywho, the latest round of stats are up. Not much of note to note as we are only approaching major milestones but haven't actually crossed any of them. Enjoy!