Let's break the silence. This game is almost finished.
  • UPRC
  • 05/19/2017 05:43 AM
So, Blackmoon Prophecy II. It's almost done. I'm currently working on the second to last mandatory dungeon in the game. I expect to be working on the final dungeon by the start of June, and am tentatively hoping to be 100% done with the game over the summer (realistically looking at the middle of July).

I'm not really sure WHAT to say, so I'm just going to list off what's in the game, what to expect, etc.
Disposable equipment
One of the things I've pondered as a mechanic for Forgotten Gates is disposable equipment. It's a lesser-used but still not-unheard-of mechanic for RPGs: as you make use of a weapon, armor, or other piece of equipment, it becomes dulled, battered, or otherwise unusable. Some games will gradually decrease the effectiveness of the equipment as it is used, and perhaps allow the player to repair it to full strength periodically.
Yooka What? Rareware returns with Soma Spirits!
  • zDS
  • 04/28/2017 02:19 AM
Soma Spirits is a small-ish turn based RPG filled to the brim with heart, soul, and all sorts of synonyms for charm. All custom assets by a game designer and his composer. The whole experience was a light-hearted twist on the genre as a whole with a bucket of worthy influences that shine through something that is ultimately the developer's alone. Inspiring, motivating, and overall warm and cozy... Let's review this thing!
Day Dreaming Derpy Dev Log #13 Progress Report and FAQs~!
So v0.2 has came and went, and I’ve been really happy to hear your feedback since release. This is the first major content update, so expect future updates of a similar nature to go just the same as The Sweetie Belle Update, i.e. new dreams, characters, game balancing etc.

I also wanted to address some common problems I’ve noticed and try my best to remedy them here and in the game.
It is our Fate
The latest round of stats are up. The limit has been increased from 10 to 25 in a lot of the stats! You might be recognized now! Check it out.

We now have 2999 games with a download.
Devlog #2: Inventory & Menus
Gloomy greeting, reader.

I’ve spent the weekend working on the menu and inventory system for the game. It’s not yet 100% but it’s far enough to show how it’s going to look like.
King of Stats
The latest round of stats are pummeling the site with their metrics!

Remarkably, we have over 4000 media submissions for games now. Media is technically the newest kind of submission on RMN, and it has already outpaced reviews, articles and scripts. Smashing!
Honest attempt at the JRPG big leagues.
  • zDS
  • 03/09/2017 10:05 AM
Shadows of Adam is a JRPG with every resource and I believe engine crafted by scratch. I I am a video game developer who actually uses RPG Maker to make JRPGs for it is my favorite genre and one I am quite passionate about. It is a dream to be successful and release the vivid JRPGs that form within my head. Shadows of Adam is quite high up there in that dream. It is my duty and pleasure to have played and reviewed this one.
Winterruption Fan Voting
Participants were tasked to create a game with at least ten sidequests within it, if not more, and those required ten must make use of ten of the names listed in the event, either as direct reference to the quests themselves, or as inspiration for them.

Please take some time to try out these games. Many of them aren't terribly long, and all are cool and quirky and worth playing in their own way. Then cast your vote!

The poll will close on March 10th, 2017
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deadline
I am writing this because of all the people who are dropping out of the winterrruption event. To those dropouts I am dedicating this article.

I am also writing this because an attempt at scoping is the first thing I do after I get a concrete initial idea for any project I have done (RM or otherwise) over the last 10 years. I could talk about scoping projects in general, but this is gonna be fairly gamedev centric.
An interview with Something Classic, creators of Shadows of Adam.

The latest target of my 'Wait, Solitayre has an interview series?' is Something Classic, the development team behind Shadows of Adam, an old-school RPG due for commercial release on Steam on February 23rd!
There's been quite a few issues with RPG Maker MV since its release and many have bemoaned that certain features or processes are lacking. Well, lack no more! Degica and Kadokawa are now working on implementing the ideas of the community into the engine!

They will need your help to do this, however...
LEGO Statman
Over 4000 accepted game profiles exist at RMN now, and some of them are even playable! Ha! I kid, I kid. But back in the day having a playable game (let alone a finished game) was a relatively rare event. Kids these days, completing their games and stuff. Where did we go wrong?

Anywho, the next round of stats are up.
Progress Report: Beta Release Demo - Concordant the Reboot
  • Notoh
  • 02/02/2017 12:15 AM
Hey guys! I know I haven’t updated much in awhile so I suppose that is why I am going to be writing this segment here on this blog. I deeply care for this project and want to make it the best it can be, especially for my first game.

To start off...
An interview with SgtMettool, creator of Soma Spirits and Brave Hero Yuusha

The latest victim of my once in a blue moon interview series is SgtMettool, creator of Soma Sprits, RMN's pick for Game of the Year 2016.
A Heroic Effort
It's a rare dev that custom-builds every part of a one-man project. Save for a few key scripts, Toymaker - Prologue looks, sounds, and feels like a very different creature than RPG Maker 2k3 usually wants to create. Moody and atmospheric, it depicts what I can only describe as Santa's North Pole undergoing some kind of Game-Of-Thrones-ian ragnarok, and it manages to present that setting with such gravity and clarity of purpose that the places where the game is lacking feel more like rough patches than oversights.
2016 Misao Results
With a sweet 1707 votes this year, the results are in for the 2016 Misaos. Who won the coveted GOTY award? Did you manage to pick the winners? Was there a sweep or not? What games should you keep an eye out for this coming year?

Check the deets!
Hello, Ma!
As you likely know by now, development of Archstone is complete, and it is a published, full game that's a boss rush from the Kid's Design event. There's really nothing else coming for Archstone, so the game is complete and I encourage you to play and finish it before continuing on, as it doesn't take long, and if you'd like to write a review for Archstone, that would be totally cool too.

So, here's a little behind the scenes information regarding Archstone!
X gonna give it to ya
The next round of stats are up.

We now have over 4000 active game profiles, WIP is about to get knocked off the TOP 10 in Makerscore, yet we still have over 1000 games with a download without a review.
Halloweird...and belatedly awesome!
  • NTC3
  • 01/06/2017 04:39 AM
To officially mark my return to the RMN after a year-long break in general (and a 16-month break from reviewing in particular) I decided to start off with some nice, simple game, and TungermanU’s Halloweeb, apparently made for the Halloween event just a couple months ago, seemed like a good choice.