A list of the games released in January that can be nominated for the 2018 Misaos.

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An interview with KoopaKush
An interview with KoopaKush, creator of Lakria Legends.

The latest victim of my seven years running (average of one per year!) interview series is KoopaKush, creator of Lakria Legends, RMN's pick for Game of the Year 2017.
New Year New Stats
The stats from last month are now available. We are less than 300,000 downloads from 5 million total downloads. That's pretty unbelievable! The Welp forum tumbled down to 4th spot in posts in the past month. That, too, is notable. Check out the rest of the stats.
Have you considered being more interesting?
Some thoughts on garnering an audience.

Remember when simply having a finished game was enough to propel you to Rockstar Status™ in the RPG Maker community? Don't worry if you don't. That hasn't been the case for years now, maybe even a decade. But I remember. I've been around for a very long long (long) time. Too long, perhaps. So long that my opinions and advice are dated and non-applicable. But here they are anyway.
Star Wars: The Stat Jedi
Over 2000 completed games. 6 games now with over 1 million views. Monthly posts are way down. A lot of people have 10,000+ makerscore. All this and (slightly) more in this months stats topic.
Progress Report:- Fifth Edition
So this week I promised we'd look at some monsters, and I followed protocol and thought I would share with you a few implemented ones. There is also just a lot to report this week in general so brace yourself.
H E A R T B E A T makes a beat!
A new game on here has managed to garner the attention of PCgamesN with the moniker of 'Most Promising'. Check it out here:

HEARTBEAT is a cool looking RPG in development by Shepple, pringle and Sils.
The end of the universe
The latest rounds of stats are up. Go get 'em.

We are closing in on 5 million cumulative downloads (wow!), and have over 3000 games with a download (2012 of which are completed). That's a lot of games to play. And wonders of wonders, Game Design & Development had the most posts last month!
Stat Runner 2049
In the dystopian world we survive in currently, the next round of RMN stats is up. We have 2000 completed games now (and 3123 games with a download). Liberty is less than 50 posts away from reaching 20,000. Total number of unique posters per month is way down to 372 - but I wonder how many from before were bots?
The 2017 Misaos
Prediction Thread!

The Misaos are an annual award event given to indie games made in the RM community. 'Misaos' is the general name for the awards such as 'Best Atmosphere', 'Most Technical Prowess' or 'Game of the Year'. You can liken it to a "People's Choice" award, as the games are nominated and voted upon by the community-at-large.
Antti Luode's 1393 songs
LockeZ finds an amazing resource and decides to share! Looking for music to use in your commercial or non-commercial game? Why not check out Antti Luode's ridiculous collection of really neato music?

Links in the thread! Give LockeZ your thanks for finding!
A true statsman
Circling up those monthly stats for y'all! Did you notice that we have more completed games than games currently-in-production? This is a total anomaly from when RPG Maker Network first started! Anyone completing ANYTHING was a special event!

Also, we have over 150 million game views now, and are approaching 5 million collective downloads. Pom Gets Wi-Fi is only 4000 downloads away from reaching the 200,000 download milestone alone!
Looming Spire Notes - Runes
In the Looming Spire, Runes are magic emblems hidden throughout the Spire. Each Rune hearkens back to ancient times, a link to the elemental governing force that ruled a kingdom. Finding each one will be imperative to unlocking the mystery of the Spire and breaking the curse that plagues the hero's homeland.

In the Looming Spire, the hero will find many items that will assist on his journey, including various equipment to help in combat, and ancient relics which will allow him to overcome obstacles. Runes, however, will cover both areas, granting powers that can be used both in AND out of combat.
Thounsands of Stats
4.5 million downloads is pretty good. Pom Gets Wi-Fi is almost at 200,000 downloads alone.

Forums posts and number of unique posters is down. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
I love good storytelling and I love when an idea catches me completely off guard and creates a deep, emotional response. But because of this passion, I find most of the stories, especially in video games, repetitive and boring, not just “inspired” by great art, but rather lazily pushed forward by deadlines, limited to overused clichés in assumption that “if it worked before, it’s going to work for the 500th time, right”?
Let's break the silence. This game is almost finished.
  • UPRC
  • 05/19/2017 05:43 AM
So, Blackmoon Prophecy II. It's almost done. I'm currently working on the second to last mandatory dungeon in the game. I expect to be working on the final dungeon by the start of June, and am tentatively hoping to be 100% done with the game over the summer (realistically looking at the middle of July).

I'm not really sure WHAT to say, so I'm just going to list off what's in the game, what to expect, etc.
Disposable equipment
One of the things I've pondered as a mechanic for Forgotten Gates is disposable equipment. It's a lesser-used but still not-unheard-of mechanic for RPGs: as you make use of a weapon, armor, or other piece of equipment, it becomes dulled, battered, or otherwise unusable. Some games will gradually decrease the effectiveness of the equipment as it is used, and perhaps allow the player to repair it to full strength periodically.
Yooka What? Rareware returns with Soma Spirits!
  • zDS
  • 04/28/2017 02:19 AM
Soma Spirits is a small-ish turn based RPG filled to the brim with heart, soul, and all sorts of synonyms for charm. All custom assets by a game designer and his composer. The whole experience was a light-hearted twist on the genre as a whole with a bucket of worthy influences that shine through something that is ultimately the developer's alone. Inspiring, motivating, and overall warm and cozy... Let's review this thing!
Day Dreaming Derpy Dev Log #13 Progress Report and FAQs~!
So v0.2 has came and went, and I’ve been really happy to hear your feedback since release. This is the first major content update, so expect future updates of a similar nature to go just the same as The Sweetie Belle Update, i.e. new dreams, characters, game balancing etc.

I also wanted to address some common problems I’ve noticed and try my best to remedy them here and in the game.
It is our Fate
The latest round of stats are up. The limit has been increased from 10 to 25 in a lot of the stats! You might be recognized now! Check it out.

We now have 2999 games with a download.