Really really sweet, but the composition is really off, its hard to look at.
Title name should definitively have different color, a color that would point it out.
You did it totally wrong, you gave the undertitle different color, it should be the other way around. The main title is more important than undertitle and it should be that way, otherwise sweet, but the old one was great too.


In my opinion, those "chibi" sprites fit it more than that XP, I don't know why, but it is that way.

Streamline Battle

I am definitely going to wait for this engine...its just pure awesome.

How to show numbers.

@Bonehead11: This means you accessed a non-existing picture. Make sure you have the right RPG_RT.exe version and applied the right IPS file on it. Also check your event code. If you use RM2k, you can just use the RPG_RT.exe from the demo, otherwise ask me if you aren't sure if you have the right version.

I just copied your code, so I dont think there is something wrong with it. It worked when I changed picture/number, but the picture/number just fucked up, it went trippy on me, was changing colors like mad. I think I am just going to wait for RM20XX, because time I spent trying to figure out your code, how that picpointer works and trying to run it, I just could code it the tedious thanks but no thanks.

(also how the hell did you get so far on a CBS/CMS without knowing how to display a number??)

Read the original post, I know how to show numbers, but I wanted to know if there is some less tedious way, because I saw in some games that you can show variable number in message box, and I wondered how to do it and if there isn't any easier way to show numbers. And making CBS/CMS is not that hard, just read what Jude said.

Necropolis: Part I


Just two words, want more. Game is just awesome, perfect, nothing to complain about, only about two things, title screen has little tiling problem in lower left, where the mountains are and that exclamation mark system was a little buggy, but better buggy than random encounters all the way.

They are also vulnerable to Slow and Exposed, though their low armor makes the latter less-than-useful. While immune to Bleed they can be Poisoned, so you may want to use a Titan Sword instead of the Bloodlet Sword.
I fought the soul piano, tried to slow down and poison those melodies, but nothing, they were immune.

How to show numbers.

@Cherry- I tried the PicPointerPatch, followed instructions, got the code running, but when I tried it, got error.
Fallo al isertar (D:/ha/...LGD_picture.pas,526 line)

@Wolfcoder- I am following RM20XX, the problem is that I have CBS ready and running,except numbers, CMS too except I dont know if I could port it, if yes then I will do it, if not then if I have more time on hands, then I will use it on more ambitious project I have in mind.

@Jude- Exactly.

How to show numbers.

Well thanks all, but I just wanted to know if there was command to show number in RM.

I dont know if I should wait for RPG maker 20XX, or just do everything the tedious way...or no at all.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Nice,simple, effective, easy to navigate, just perfect except for those icons for weapons, they really don't fit the style of panel.

How to show numbers.

I would be very happy if anyone could help me with this problem. Pretty please?

I don't know how to show number in variable, for instance health. I know how to do this trough showing every single picture for every single number, but that would be tedious... I seen it in many RM games and I wonder, how do you actually show or let the system write the number in variable trough the game graphics ?

Big thanks in advance.


Thanks for reminding me why I putted the game on hiatus.