Back from Japan :')

Man am I envious XD
Well, Okaeri!

I want to buy a violin, but those prices will be the death of me ;_;

@pianotm> The shipping costs more than the violin itself o_0
At the least I'm getting the sense of what I'll get with my budget. I'd probably go hunting in the nearby shops one last time before I pick one up online, but thanks!

@kylaila> While that's good advice, I... don't think I'd be able to follow that even if I wanted to. I don't have a very good track record in practicing proper forms in anything. I'll try though XP

I want to buy a violin, but those prices will be the death of me ;_;

@pianotm> Maybe a full-sized practice violin? Not necessarily a high-end one, so long as it's sturdy enough to last a year or so, it'll do. I only ever get to play when a friend of mine brings hers to school, so I don't have the experience to make use of costly ones in the first place.

I've been asking around for second-hand ones, but with no luck at all.

@kentona> No, I cannot tuna fish, but I can tuna gitara. Though isn't a fiddle the same as a violin?

hey. What's up?

What's up? The bloody temperature, that's what's up (-_-;)
*sweating buckets, literally*

You know you've been editing/messing with tiles/maps too much when you start constructing grass tiles in your dreams. >.<;

Imagine if you playtested it in your dream and realised that they don't tile properly...

Announcing Legends of Zero Gear Fighters MV REMIX: Gaiden

Not cool man.

I miss nhubi ;_;

That's... not actually that far out, come to think of it.

All right, I'm at 3k. Where dem cookies at?

But they... promised...

I am a failure at life I am so worthless all of my games are a piece of crap I hate my life!!!

I don't know how to say anything about this without sounding like an insincere prick, but please look more into why we didn't like the game rather than just the fact that it wasn't appreciated as much as you'd want it to. Reviews are merely a single person's opinion. They, in no way, define your worth as a person.

If it matters, I'm more than willing to do it over if you decide to remake the game. Just pm me if you do so, and I'll give it another shot.

I miss nhubi ;_;

desperate times; desperate measures

Seriously though, hope nothing's wrong...