Looks very nice ;D
there is a slight problem with it though
due to the characters having similar colors and brightness/contrast as the background, it makes the background stand out more when the focus should be on the characters.

don't get me wrong, those colors look great, on the background and on the sprites, I just think the characters should stand out more, purely for gameplay reasons.

Mario vs. The Moon Base

I am apparently incapable of drawing Mario.
I've seen worse...
much much worse >_<

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3

@Neok: well you can start whatever you want, nobody's stopping you.
It might just turn out better if you have a specific theme. Though some people probably wouldn't like it as much.

and in case you didn't notice, Dalek came back in my page. ;)

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3

I guess I can take that as the go-ahead?
Eh, what?

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3

Here we go (I cant draw a hand to save my life though :P):

The Dalek is Back!

McMuffinstine's task

I wonder if it is physically possible for a game to look graphically worse than this.
Hahahaha I didn't spend much effort on the graphics, but I didn't know it was that bad :P
Which part do you not like, or do you just not like it at all

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3

Wow, my turn already!
I'll have to think about this one -_-

Valedictory Game Drive

As soon as my game gets accepted I'll submit it.
can't believe I actually finished it ^.^

edit: Since it is a flash game, I've uploaded it to newgrounds also for whoever wants to check it out: here

edit: submitted ;)

The Front Page

@WCouillard: the thing about guidelines is that you don't have to strictly enforce them, in this case, The only time they need to be enforced is when someone is spamming the front page.
I don't think they would be very hard to enforce in this situation.

The Front Page

I think that for 1. Drakonis has a pretty good idea if you could get the site to display only the most recent blog for a game in the recent blogs.
If that isn't possible, I don't think there should be a very big cool-down, but that they should be recommended not to post more than 1 a day.
Perhaps we could also limit blog posts to 3 a day and 7 a week or something.

For 2: not at all, but to avoid abuse you could simply make a game only go to most recent if it's last download was more than a couple days old or something.
if that wont work or is impractical then this should do the trick:
NEW! 3. Henceforth, you are not allowed to abuse the Latest Games system on the frontpage by updating your main download every few hours so that you are bumped up to the top of the list (and thus remain on the front page ribbon). Violators will have their game download date pushed back. Repeated violators risk having their game download removed entirely.