looks pretty good.
the water reservoir doesn't look watery enough imo, it just looks kinda dark, maybe add more ripples to the edge of the water or something.

also the stack of bags looks kinda weird that all the bags are stacked exatly the same way, would look a little better if more variation was added to to the stack.
here's an example of what I mean:

see how they are tilted and the distance from the top of one to another isn't the same

Your living space.

Kentona is Mario:

Do you like cats?

that site's broken, and yes, I do like cats :)

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3

I PMed Nines when I finished mine

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

hopefully the visual style rule won't be too strictly applied.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

A Chip's Challenge clone in Sphere
Pure awesomeness. :D
have you checked out Tile World btw? It's pretty sweet, especially combined with Chips Challenge Level editor (though I assume your making a CC clone for fun, not becuase you just wnt to have one) ;)

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

sounds fun, I'll go somewhere in the middle

Does a game's download size matters to you?

The download size definitely matters when I'm deciding whether or not to try it.
But if it looks interesting, I'll download up to about 80mb or so, it has to be very interesting for me to bother downloading more than 90mb of stuff.

I don't have a very fast connection, depending on the time of day and what site I'm downloading from a 70mb download can take up to an hour, sometimes more but usually around 30 minutes.


Aaaa my eyes! not enough contrast imo, other than that it looks pretty good :)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Lennon: I like the blue trees, they give it a nice comical touch

I still think you should change the flowers to something more like the ones I edited, but that's totally up to you. :P