Let's Draw! A comicbook!

I hope my page turns out good, I'm not really very good at drawing

Do you like cats?

i'd like to see a tiger take on a whole pack of african wild dogs
Me too, that would be really interesting

Do you like cats?

Pfft dogs are superior.
Who ever said we were talking about domestic cats. I'd like to see any dog take on a Tiger.

Hey you guys!

Welcome to RMN!
stay away from short plumbers in overalls by the way.

Badass Mapping Contest

@diaeitsch: whoa, how many times did he shoot him, that's a lot of blood.
looks like he ws shot by a cannon. Very nice map btw.

What has inspired your writing/art/music?

I don't write much, and I don't make any music.

but I do do some art, I'm inpired by games like:
Myst, Riven, Myst III, Myst IV,
Shadow of the Colossus,
Secret of Mana (never played it, but saw some screenshots that basically started me doing pixel art)

I might post some more later, I can't think of anything else at the moment

Beloved Rapture

the CSS makes the comment text invisible unless you highlight it :/


Double topic debate: 1.Team projects? & 2. Custom battle system idea

I like your custom battle system idea.

This thread is actually a triple debate topic:
1. Team Projects
2. Custom Battle System
3. Whether or not you should have multiple debate topics :P

Favorite videogame world.

oh yeah darken, I almost forgot abut Shadow of the Colossus.
That game as an amazing world, It's not very deep which some people probably don't like, but I think it's really cool when a game has this amazingly beautiful world and they don't explain every last nuance of it to you, I don't know but it kinda makes it more real.

edit: not that deep histories and backstories are bad, I actually like them very much