Anyone interested in a "Game Academy" for gamemaker?

@NewBlack: what I meant was that I probably wouldn't have time to make a Game maker project ever two weeks like kentona was suggesting.
Not that I wouldn't be able to come back to the thread later and do it ;)

Anyone interested in a "Game Academy" for gamemaker?

That would be cool, don't think I'd have time for all of them, but I would probably do some

Badass Mapping Contest

hahaha nice one arcan


very, very nice ;)

Bowing Out 2

@Creation: (if he ever comes back to read it)
Good bye Creation, hope you continue game making and such, I really appreciated your advice and feedback.

I hope you come back to visit once in a while even though you don't agree with everything about this site.

What cake should I use ...

Ice cream cake is the best, but usually not very cheap :/

Favorite videogame world.

Jak & Daxter


I think felix is being too picky about the stack of bags. Nobody is going to spend more than two seconds glancing at it, and it's far from any kind of egregious tiling problem. It's just the kind of thing that would bother you when posting online for feedback, and not at all when actually playing the game, as someone recently (wisely) pointed out!
Yeah I'm probably being to picky about the bags, the main reason I don't like them is that it looks like they were just copy/pasted 5 times and then had a shadow added.

but I do think the water could use a little tweaking, to me it just looks like some dark stones.

What cake should I use ...

cheesecake FTW

What are you currently reading?

Terry Pratchet's Discworld series.
When the least they could do to you was everything, then the most they could do to you suddenly held no terror.