The Screenshot Topic Returns

If you could apply the left's dirt colors to the right's dirt pattern, it would look perfect. Although you're right about the trees. They're packed a little too tightly.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Jakester: the dirt would fit better, im my opinion, if you edited the colors to be more like the colors of those small patches of dirt.
also it some of those dirt tiles apear to be mirrored internally, which doesn't look very good.
Also, wondering if it is alright if I keep posting up Screens here to get feedback on my mapping. Don't have enough information for a gamepage yet. Yay for working on two RM games and college! >.<
This is the place to post screenshots if you don't have enough info for a game page so it should be fine.

If you have lots of screens or want lots of feedback you could make a thread in the "Creative Corner" with your screenshots and ask for advice.


Welcome to RMN!
have fun

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Radnen: I really like the look of that, the only thing i don't like is the shadow color of the pine trees, i think it's a bit too dark/saturated, I'm no expert but i'd say you should tone it down just a bit (It's really not much of a problem, I'm just in over-analyze mode right now i guess)

FEY Controls+

I think the controls are ok, once you get the hang of them it really wont matter whether it's shift or z.

not sure if this is really on topic but are going to add some way of strafing (moving different directions while facing the same way) I find the combat really annoying without it. The only way to face a direction without moving in that direction is using the shield, which is not really convenient enough for me to bother using it and impossible when you have another item equipped.

Random Art Topic

that looks really good NewBlack :D


just a suggestion:
make the dark water transition more visibly from the light water, at first I thought it was shadows of clouds or something.
also make the texture a bit different

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

I'd rather you forfeit.
that's fine, i guess someone else can make my page or something ;/

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

Tomorrow's the deadline folks! Don't wait 'til the last minute to drop out.
I didn't finish

turns out, I didn't really have any time to work on it.
If it's ok with you dudesoft I'll try to make something that at least let's the story continue from my page even though it wont have everything it was supposed to.

Valedictory Game Drive Game Roundup

nice overview
btw, on McMuffinstine's task it's the DOGS who are trying to launch the missile
I guess the dialog wasn't very clear, i made it in like the last three minutes :P