nice D-Bones ;)

Erlyn's Pixel

@Neok: click on the left picture

Erlyn's Pixel

Ooh those look really good, I wouldn't know about how to price them though.
also, why do the chickens have little tents? O.o

Mario vs. The Moon Base

..., it was always illegal from the beginning, because it uses copyrighted graphics and music without the permission of the original creators.
that doesn't necessarily illegal, but, in the case of SMBX, it was illegal because of the use of the music and graphics were probably not "fair use".

Mario vs. The Moon Base

@halibalica: only by zipping the entire smbx installation (including the editor which is built into the game)

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

I might not get this done in time, turns out I was a bit too busy :/
I'll try to finish it before Wednesday though

Mario vs. The Moon Base

SMBX seems to have disappeared (by Nintendo's orders). Is there any way I can still play this?
It's all too true :(

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3

You know...
This is pretty much turning out the same as the ones where the pages are only shown to the next person :P

Graphic Novels or Mangas?

Is there really a difference between the two?
Technically, no. Manga basically just means cartoon/comic/graphic novel/whateverYouTranslateItAs in Japanese
But yes, there is a difference between japanese and western comics/cartoons/graphic novels

I don't really prefer either kind, and I don't really read them very much.

Do you like cats?

Also, since we're allowed to call on distant relatives, aren't bears related to dogs?
If we're calling on relatives that distant, then cats are related to dogs :P