Minecraft: Post Whats In Your World

this is one of the more well known crazy applications of dwarf fortress!

I stand corrected


This isn't Mario, this is SHIFT.

actually that would be really cool if it was both :)

rpgmaker.net 4th birthday contest

Don't know if I'll be free on that day, but if I am, I'll totally try something

Minecraft: Post Whats In Your World

why not play with some real dwarves
real dwarfs apparently don't build working computers.
also, everything looks better in minecraft, there's nothing wrong with ascii graphics but DF could definitely benefit from a bit of eye-candy.
Don't get me wrong, Dwarf fortress is a great game.

If there was a game that looked like minecraft (with texture packs of course) and worked like Dwarf Fortress (with some additions, like redstone) then,
you get the picture (ignore the fact that this would take an extremely powerful computer to run a decent sized map, let alone procedurally generated infinite maps :P)

Rise of Dragon Souls

Wow, this has the best looking overhead 2d graphics I've ever seen.
The graphics aren't perfect, but they are amazing. :)

If you made any of those graphics please tell me what your secret is. ^^

What sounds better?

I also prefer the mp3

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Well they were taken with digital cameras, which automatically adjust the contrast/saturation when they take a photo, so there was that much alteration at the very minimum.
Which is exactly what your eyes do all the time ;)


Welcome to RMN!
Make games, post stuff, format your text excessively, etc.

Zero Base Review

The issue now is only figuring out how I want to reveal them. The original plan was to implement difficulty settings, and reveal one code for beating each of the different difficulties, but revealing them sooner might be an idea as well. Still thinking about it
You should hide them in the walls of the levels at certain spots. maybe spread the characters out so you have to keep an eye out for them.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I wonder if any of you guys are still using old CRT monitors?
I do, and in my experience, CRT monitors aren't any more dark than LCD ones.