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Hey, the name's KrimsonKatt. I'm a indie game dev who makes RPGs. I'm also a catboi femboi, nyan! Anyways I have this whole series planned called "Chronicles of Chronicles" featuring over 50 projects in various different genres. I love playing video games, particularly platformers and RPGs, and my favorite series include Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Hollow Knight, Pokemon, Persona/SMT, Castlevania, Undertale/Deltarune, Final Fantasy, Chrono, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Mega Man, Mario, Smash Bros, Drakengard/Nier, Mana, and Dragon Quest. I also like anime, manga, drawing, writing, comics, animated movies, marvel, music, etc. In other words, I'm a complete nerd. I'm also a waifu fanatic, my favorites being Pyra, Mythra, and Nia from Xenoblade 2, Mona from Genshin Impact, Pixie from SMT3 Nocturne, Ferris Argyle from Re:Zero, Astolfo from Fate;Apothryca, La Puchelle from Magical Girl Raising Project, 2B from Nier Automata, Rosa from Pokemon, Kirisu Makise and Mayuri Shiiha from Steins;Gate, and many more. My favorite anime is Steins;Gate, my favorite color is red, my favorite food is ribs, and my favorite drink is lemonade.

I have many games currently out and in the works. Here is a list of them:

Completed Games
-Chronicles of Light (RPG)
-Zero Gear Fighters (RPG)
-Dragon Ascension (RPG)
-Generic RPG Quest III (RPG)
-Meteo Chronicles (RPG)
-Crypt Challenge EX (Short RPG)
-Elzakalas: Beyond the End (Short Adventure Game)

Games in Development
-Meteo Chronicles R (RPG)
-Zero Gear Chronicles (RPG)
-Crypt Challenge DX (Short RPG)
-Mysteries of Feywild (Short RPG for Switch)

Planned Games
-Zero Gear Chronicles: Artifice of Absolution (RPG)
-Ebony Chronicles: Door of Destiny (RPG)
-Chronicles of Light Z (Meme Game RPG)
-Zero Gear Fighters Kai (Meme Game RPG)
-Super Dragon Ascension (Meme Game RPG)
-Elvengard Chronicles: Meteo Origin (RPG)
-Meteo Chronicles 2: Destiny of Darkness (RPG)
-Imprisoned Chronicles: Survival of Suffering (Survival RPG)
-ReUnion Chronicles: Azure Arrival/Vermillion Vestige (Adventure Game)
-Accursed Chronicles: What Lies Beneath (Short Survival Horror RPG)
-Darkling Chronicles: Invasion of Invocation (Short RPG)
-Legion Chronicles: The Bonds Beyond (Short Shump/RPG Hybrid)
-Chaos Chronicles: Beyond the End (Short Adventure RPG)
-Mega Man NEOS (Action Platformer)
-Firebrand Chronicles: Last Dragon's Elegy (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Genesis Chronicles: Beginning of the World (RTS/VN RPG Hybrid)
-Unreal Chronicles: Tactical Realms (TRPG)
-Boltman Chronicles Episodes I-VII (Episodic RPG)
-Jutara Chronicles Episodes I-IV (Episodic RPG)
-Revelation Chronicles: The Memory of Memes (Meme Game RPG)
-Convergence Chronicles: Destiny of Delusion (Meme Game RPG)
-Azure Chronicles: Supersonic Warriors (Episodic RPG)
-Azure Chronicles 2: Dark Days (Episodic RPG)
-Sakura Chronicles: Revolution of the Resolute (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Sakura Chronicles 2: Metamorphosis of the Material (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Countdown Chronicles: 33 Minutes Until Destruction (Action Platformer)
-The Faerie World (VR RPG)
-The Mermaid World (VR RPG)
-The End of Chronicles (Open World ARPG)

I hope you enjoy playing my games!
Lost Chronicles
A tale lost to the sands...



[RMMZ] Cannot find property "ID" of "null?"

Yep, it still has the "unexpected token (" error even though I got rid of all the javascript. Must be another issue then. I can't even find what's wrong because the code is all encrypted. And if I go to Yanfly's discord to ask for help Yanfly will instaban me since he hates my guts and knows me personally. (he stalked me on discord for a bit) Even changing my screen name won't help since I'll need discord nitro to change my pfp for different servers and I don't have that. He'll definitely recognize my avatar. Speaking of which I should really commission someone to update my avatar for me because right now I'm using stolen Pokemon fanart on everything and that isn't good for my brand.

[RMMZ] Cannot find property "ID" of "null?"

Okay I removed the lunatic code from every skill and disabled extra enemy drops. It's actually a plus that I disabled that plugin. Now I really have to think strategically on what enemies drop what and the fractions give a better picture in my head of how common the drop is compared to %. Like, an 12% drop or something doesn't really mean anything to me, but when you say 1/12 now I know that for approximately every 12 enemies you defeat you will obtain that item. Makes it a lot easier to gauge item rarity. Now, for the moment of truth, to see if my game finally works...

[RMMZ] Cannot find property "ID" of "null?"

The plugins instructions say that you can use either. The reason that I use IDs and not names is because I change around the IDs a lot which forces me to redo everything and at that point I often forget all the enemy drops so that makes it even worse. Plus I don't remember the IDs of every item so then I have to constantly go back and forth through the items, weapons, armor, and enemy pages to get the right IDs to use and it's super tedious. Using the names is so much easier, but it becomes a problem when I misspell something or write the wrong thing and then it takes me forever to find the issue. The drop system in pretty much every RPG Maker sucks. It's been like this since at least VX. Why haven't the devs fixed it yet?

[RMMZ] Cannot find property "ID" of "null?"

Okay so upon removing both Visustella Extra Enemy Drops, Visustella Skills States, and all plugins that require those, my game works like a charm! No crashes at all. Opening FMVs loads perfectly, title screen loads perfectly, even the intro text runs perfectly. (though there was a glitch there since I forgot to add in a transfer event and pasted one of the images twice. But that can be easily fixed)

Also, I didn't disable them one-by-one. I only disabled the ones I thought were causing the problem and sure enough they were. I know now for a fact that Skills States causes the "unexpected token )" glitch and that extra enemy drops cause the "cannot find property id of null" glitch. So that's cool.

I also think I may have a clue on what's causing the enexpected token glitch. I have a passive ability that causes AP costs to be switched out with AP costs and have a notetag in every skill switching around the costs using java. This is done via lunatic code using Skills States, so I think I entered something wrong there and that's what's causing the issue. Maybe? IDK. Might have to replace that passive skill with something else.

And for the other glitch, yeah, I'm positive it has to do with me entering an item to be dropped that isn't in the database. For that plugin I used item names rather than IDs because a lot of the time I switch up the IDs and that causes me to forget what enemies drop what. I have a couple of solutions for this. For one, I could just trash that plugin and use the default max 3 drops. That would suck, but at least it's better than having enemies drop nothing. Secondly, I could do event drops as a battle event at the end of every battle which would be very time consuming. Or thirdly, I could use an alternative plugin that performs the same purpose. Anyone know of any good extra enemy drop plugins for MV/MZ that ARENT Visustella/Yanfly? Something like that would really help especially if it's not buggy. I really wish the devs fixed the drop system in MZ to use a list and % because 3 drops per enemy is far too limiting, especially in games with crafting systems. Guess I just have to use default then...

[RMMZ] Cannot find property "ID" of "null?"

I updated the original post to add the plugins I'm using. See any issues?

Edit: So I removed the visustella extra drops plugin to see what would happen and now I get a completely new glitch:

Any idea what this is all about?

[RMMZ] Cannot find property "ID" of "null?"

So I'm trying to playtest my game but this annoying game-breaking bug keeps getting in the way. Every time I try to load my game not even the title screen can load before the game crashes. Instead it gives me a vague error message that says "Cannot read property ID of null" which I have no idea what that means. So I go into devtools and I think it's due to an issue with Visustella Extra Enemy Drops. For each of my enemies they have 10+ drops each so I really need that plugin greatly, but I keeps crashing my game! (I think) I enter in all the names of the items manually into the notetags so maybe a few spelling errors here or there could be causing it? As in the game tries to read an entry in the database that doesn't exist? Like writing "S Dark Shard" instead of "Dark Shard S" or something. Anyways I really need some help here because otherwise I'll have to delay the game even further...

Edit: Okay, here is my plugin list. By the way I'm using some MV plugins which can be used in MZ due to fossil. Maybe that's the issue?

New RPG Maker Announced! Already? Why?

So yeah if you guys didn't know a new version of RPG Maker was just announced last night. It's called "RPG Maker Unite" and will release in fall this year. This is very surprising since MZ only launched a bit more than a year ago and yet they're already making a new one. It will feature all the features of MZ along with all the futures of the unity engine. It will also include built-in parallax mapping and non tile based mapping. Here are some screenshots.

Thoughts? Why has a new RM released so soon after the last one? Why so soon? What is going on? With this, Dr.Eggman being confirmed as gay, Terraria 1.4.4 being announced, and the Nintendo eShop shutting down for good, not to mention the massive Nintendo direct only a week ago, this is surely a crazy day, let alone a week! W H Y

[RMMZ] Dark Mage Class Passive Skill Ideas?

No! No passives should repeat. Characters can freely switch between classes at will and can equip any passive from any of the one's they've already learned no matter the class. Passives aren't permanent per class, they're equipped and placed into limited slots. You start off with only 4 slots at Lv.1 but every 20 levels you get an additional one. So for level 20 you'll have 5, at Lv40 you'll have 6, at Lv60 you'll have 7, and at Lv80 you'll have a full 8. Skills can cost 1, 2, or even 3 slots, and every class can equip any passive as long as it was already learned by the character. Therefore, it's pointless to add repeating skills since by the time you get Warlock you'll probably have a lot of those passives already and there would be no need to level it up. Plus, lore skills are useless on the class you learn them from since those classes can already equip those weapons. They're mainly for other classes to be able to equip weapons they wouldn't normally able to equip, like if you have Vanguard has your main class and Pyromancer as your sub you would want to have staves available to take advance of pyromancer's spells. (In my game you can switch weapons on the fly)

Anyways, I think I already have a couple more ideas for passives for the warlock class. Here they are so far.

Dark Boost: Raise the power of the dark element by 25%.
M.Evasion Up: Raise MEV by 10%.
Alchemic Aura: Raise the power of items by 50%.
Death Touch: Have the chance to inflict instant death with your basic attack.

It's not perfect, but it works. Maybe someone can think of something better that isn't impossible to do in MV/MZ without coding?

[RMMZ] Dark Mage Class Passive Skill Ideas?

I'm not talking about skills to be used in battle, I'm talking about passive skills that you can equip like equipment that gives various constant buffs and bonuses. Like "Strength Up" giving you +10% ATK or "Sword Lore" giving you the ability to equip swords. I gave countless examples already of such. And for your "overdrive" idea, I already have a system like that. A limit break system that once a character maxes out their TP (renamed to LP or limit points) they can use a special skill called a limit break. Limit breaks change based on which "focus" is equipped, and certain characters can only equip certain focuses, no character sharing the same focus. (focus is an additional equipment slot I added) I already have enough mechanics as is, I don't need an overdrive system when I already have limit breaks.

[RMMZ] Dark Mage Class Passive Skill Ideas?

So in my game I have a class system and one of the classes is a dark mage that specializes in dark elemental spells and debuffs. However, I'm now trying to think of three passive skills to give it to fill out it's moveset since every class gets 3 or 4 passive abilities and 12 arts. (attack, healing, or support special actions that cost AP/MP.) I already came up with one, dark boost, but I can't think of two more specially when there are already so many passive skills already in the game. Just in case someone names an idea I already have for another class, here is the list of all passives in the game:

Freelancer Abilities
JP Up: Raises the amount of JP gained from battle by 25%.
Paragon: Raises the amount of EXP gained from battle by 50%.
Super JP Up: Raises the amount of JP gained from battle by 75%.
Specialist: Raise all stats by 2% for every job mastered.

Vanguard Abilities
Sword Lore: Gain the ability to wield swords.
Duelist's Blow: Gain +25% EVA when below 50% HP.
Vantage: Counter all physical attacks when below 50% HP.
Surpassing Power: Raise the damage cap from 9,999 to 99,999.

Warrior Abilities
Axe Lore: Gain the ability to wield axes.
Strength Up: Gain +10% STR/ATK.
Wrath: Gain +25% CRI when below 50% HP.
Boiling Blood: Raise physical damage output based on how low your HP is.

Basara Abilities
Spear Lore: Gain the ability to wield spears.
Dexterity Up: Gain +10% DEX/LUK.
Darting Blow: Gain +25% SPD/AGI when below 50% HP.
Stand Ground: Survive at 1 HP when dealt a critical blow.

Pyromancer Abilities
Intelligence Up: Raise INT/MAT by 10%.
Fire Boost: Raise the power of fire spells by 25%.
Thunder Boost: Raise the power of thunder spells by 25%.
AP Turbo: Double AP/MP cost but raise the power of all spells by 50%.

Cryomancer Abilities
Staff Lore: Gain the ability to wield staves.
Ice Boost: Raise the power of ice spells by 25%.
Water Boost: Raise the power of water spells by 25%.
AP Thrift: Halve AP/MP cost.

Priest Abilities
M.Armor Lore: Gain the ability to wield magick armor.
Heal Boost: Raise the power of healing spells by 50%.
Regenerate: Restore 5% HP every turn.
Overheal: Gain the ability to heal above maximum HP.

Thief Abilities
Dagger Lore: Gain the ability to wield daggers.
Speed Up: Raise SPD/AGI by 10%.
Mug: Turn your basic attack into mug, stealing an item or Bx from a foe while attacking.
Rob Blind: Stealing will now always succeed.

Geomancer Abilities
AP Up: Raise AP/MP by 10%.
Wind Boost: Raise the power of wind spells by 25%.
Earth Boost: Raise the power of wind spells by 25%.
AP Guard: When you take damage, reduce damage taken by 15% while taking away AP based on damage taken.

Brawler Abilities
Barefisted: Raise STR/ATK and HIT/ACC by 50% when not equipped with a weapon.
Fist Lore: Gain the ability to wield fists.
Health Up: Raise HP by 10%.
Unchained: Raise all stats by 25% when not equipped with anything.

Spiritmaster Abilities
Light Boost: Raise the power of light spells by 25%.
Mystic Blow: Raise INT/MAT and WIS/MDF by 25% when below 50% HP.
Sanctuary: Restore 5% AP/MP every turn.
Reverence: Heal HP based on AP expended.

Ranger Abilities
Bow Lore: Gain the ability to wield bows.
Long Range: Make your basic attack long range, allowing it to hit all targets at once.
Critical Boost: Raise CRI by 10%.
Eagle Eye: Raise HIT by 1000%.

Paladin Abilities
Cover: Have a 50% chance to protect and take damage for allies with 25% HP or less.
Defense Up: Raise DEF by 10%.
Shield Lore: Gain the ability to wield shields.
Divine Protection: Gain immunity to instant death and gravity spells.

Warlock Abilities
Dark Boost: Raise the power of dark spells by 25%.

Dark Knight Abilities
H.Armor Lore: Gain the ability to wield heavy armor.
HP Gamble: Reduce HP by 25% but raise STR/ATK and INT/MAT by 20%.
Death Blow: Gain +25% STR when below 50% HP.
Infernal Pact: Raise the power of dark spells by 200% but take damage equal to 20% of your max HP every turn.

Saintblade Abilities
Inner Truth: Gain the ability to use all weapons and armor free from restriction.
BP Boost: Gain +4 BP at the beginning of every battle.
BP Haste: Gain +1 BP regen.
Chainspell: Use all spells twice for no additional cost.

Ravager Abilities
Attunement: When an attack hits an enemy weakness, raise damage by 30%.
Unrelenting Blow: Lower HIT by 20% but raise CRI by 50%.
Physical Prowess: Gain +10% STR/ATK and DEF.
Doombringer: Instantly kill all foes at the beginning of every battle if they are 10 or more levels lower that than the party's average level.

Empress Abilities
Weapon Master: Gain the ability to wield all weapons.
Beast Boost: Raise your highest stat by 1 stage every time you KO an enemy.
Blue Aura: Raise the power of blue magick by 25%.
Royal Pride: Raise STR/ATK and INT/MAG based on how many kills you have gained.

Evoker Abilities
Live to Serve: Heal 50% of of the HP healed yourself when using a healing spell.
Chaos Energy: Raise the power of spells by 1%-24% and reduce the damage taken from spells by 1% to 5%.
Summon Boost: Raise the power of summons by 25%.
Master Summoner: Summon Sensayu the Zodiac King when using a limit break.

Hexblade Abilities
Reverse HP: All arts that cost AP now cost HP and vise versa.
Dispersion: Damage is now spread across all party members when attacked.
Status Block: Become immune to all non-fatal statuses.
Quickening: Gain a second action when below 50% HP.

Any ideas on what a good set of passive abilities for a dark mage type class could be outside of the ones already listed? Thanks.