"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
I've been a fan and follower of RPG Maker games of all sorts since 2012. My all-time favourite has to be "Love and War: Act I", closely followed by "The Way" and "Romancing Walker". (Yes, I'm weird that way!)

I'm not particularly good at game design, though I can write plot-lines reasonably well. While waiting for the rest of Love and War to come out, I've also written three full-length stories set in the Love and War universe, which you can read over at the Love and War forums. (I go by Professor Q over there, surprise, surprise!)

I also enjoy reviewing games, though I tend to write about games I enjoyed playing. If a review of mine sounds critical, it's meant to spur the developer to do better.

I'm also experimenting with RPG Makers XP and VX, so watch this space.

(For those interested, my profile quote is from this song:
The Third World
Where do dreams go when they die?



Reason for lack of updates. Announcement #1

Good to hear from you.

Take care, and all the best with your projects! ^_^

Legends of an Otherworld

This game looks very interesting. I'll have to check this out, even if the "high difficulty" description scares me a little... ^_^ (I belong to the Chrono Cross school of RPG design, for better or worse!)

Rewriting is such sweet sorrow, Part Deux: Faith No More

Sure, I'm sure it'll be very interesting! At least you found a solution to the naming problem now.

Thanks! I'm on a sort of mini-roll now, and hoping that it lasts; also disciplining myself and making sure I get at least one map or major event done every day, even if it means a bit of red-eye the next morning. ^_^

There is a simple joy in watching your first prototype player character win a hard-fought battle test against a pair of savage RTP dogs. ^_^

Just rpgmaker things~

Yes, the simple pleasures of life... ^_^

Date Knights

Hmm, a rogue character called Armin? I'm getting me some Love and War flashbacks! ^_^

Nevertheless, I'm definitely taking a look at the finished product. Sounds like fun. =)

Rewriting is such sweet sorrow, Part Deux: Faith No More

I don't use it either unless I let the player rename the hero, but this is clearly a case for using it, for sure!

True. ^_^ I actually didn't think of the idea myself; I borrowed it (too late! too late!) from a friend of mine who's actually used it to good effect: the heroine of his story originally had a more "Japanese-sounding" name, but he changed it to a more offbeat one with a single entry in the "Actors" column! Talk about "working smart"... =)

It's good you are able to stay motivated and keep going, that is a great help and good thing for you. I can imagine having to rewrite a name in a lot of dialogue events does take some time and effort, but you are doing it and so you will be getting there!

Also, I didn't even think of the \N tag either, lately in the last couple of years. I did end up using it many years ago for that same concern. It's definitely a useful tip, however it's one any of us could easily miss not thinking about it. You're not alone!

Thanks! It's taking time, but it's getting there. I hope the finished product (or at least the next demo I put out, hint hint ^_^) will be to your taste!

Rewriting is such sweet sorrow, Part Deux: Faith No More

It's rough having to rewrite so much for something like that. But I admire your dedication ^_^

Thanks, I really appreciate that! ^_^

(Also, this is one time where my mule-headed refusal to use RPG Maker's \N tag really worked against me; if I had used it throughout, help would have been one single substitution away! V_V Something to remember for my next project, I guess...)

The Sun Is A Star

Looks interesting, I shall have to check this out. ^_^

Story Progression. Progess Report #4

Keeping an eye out for this!

All the best with the game. ^_^


It's nice when you see a project you remember from long ago and see it still going forward with progress.

Good luck!

Thanks for your kind words, Boos! (or should I say Boss?) ^_^

I did end up putting this project aside for quite a while, but I can assure you that I have no intention of discontinuing it...

As a matter of fact, I do have a "66% complete" file knocking around somewhere, covering over 400 maps and 6 zones; however, it was also woefully full of plot holes, and strayed quite far from my original vision for this game. Perhaps one day, when I have the final version out, I'll upload that one as a curio. =)

Let's hope that my luck holds!