"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
I've been a fan and follower of RPG Maker games of all sorts since 2012. My all-time favourite has to be "Love and War: Act I", closely followed by "The Way" and "Romancing Walker". (Yes, I'm weird that way!)

I'm not particularly good at game design, though I can write plot-lines reasonably well. While waiting for the rest of Love and War to come out, I've also written three full-length stories set in the Love and War universe, which you can read over at the Love and War forums. (I go by Professor Q over there, surprise, surprise!)

I also enjoy reviewing games, though I tend to write about games I enjoyed playing. If a review of mine sounds critical, it's meant to spur the developer to do better.

I'm also experimenting with RPG Makers XP and VX, so watch this space.

(For those interested, my profile quote is from this song:
The Third World
Where do dreams go when they die?



Kaia and the Kingdom of the Green Valley Review

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to see how this plot unfolds, and what Samvi will be up to next. All the best! ^_^


Looking forward to playing the game! ^_^


Perhaps that castle isn't as bad as it looks...


One of my favourite sections of the game.


Our hero and heroine have a discussion on destiny.


"I wonder where you are tonight, no answer on the telephone...." V_V

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Glad you liked it!

The English isn't a big issue, really. I've seen far worse from people claiming that English was their mother tongue. ^_^

And if you wrote the music yourself, congratulations! I'm more of an "RTP and RMN Music Pack" sort of guy, because I'm partially tone-deaf.

Have a great day, and looking forward to your next game!


(Voices calling in the night...) =)

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This was pleasantly mental. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of gross-out humour, but this still managed to keep me playing right to the end. Nice work! I'll try and put up a review soon.

Maya's Wish

You're welcome. Sorry for being a double bearer of bad news, but these things happen sometimes...Keep up the good work! =)