"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
I've been a fan and follower of RPG Maker games of all sorts since 2012. My all-time favourite has to be "Love and War: Act I", closely followed by "The Way" and "Romancing Walker". (Yes, I'm weird that way!)

I'm not particularly good at game design, though I can write plot-lines reasonably well. While waiting for the rest of Love and War to come out, I've also written three full-length stories set in the Love and War universe, which you can read over at the Love and War forums. (I go by Professor Q over there, surprise, surprise!)

I also enjoy reviewing games, though I tend to write about games I enjoyed playing. If a review of mine sounds critical, it's meant to spur the developer to do better.

I'm also experimenting with RPG Makers XP and VX, so watch this space.

(For those interested, my profile quote is from this song:
The Third World
Where do dreams go when they die?




However, as the King of Hotenshin was about to lay his grubby paws on Gato Gonzalez, the training robot, the door to his private chamber was blown off his hinges. He scarcely had time to react before a bolt of electricity struck him on the forehead, knocking him unconscious.

"Gato!" said Lucca, as she returned her plasma pistol to its holster. "Are you all right? Did he -" She paused delicately.

"Do not fear, Madam Lucca," Gato said, the red indicator lights on his light sensors turning a faint red, as if he were blushing. "If he had done so, I could not have stopped him. The Ashtear Laws of Robotics forbid me from harming a human, after all. Nonetheless, I thank you for saving me. I was designed as a combat trainer, not a character from a Lenny Kravitz song."

"Fool!" Lucca said, glaring at the King's prone form. "This is what happens to those who dare to oppose the mighty Lucca! Where are Crono and the others?"

"They have already entered the Time Gate in the Tidal Cave and have traced the whereabouts of Princess Schala," Gato explained. "The King wanted to follow them and claim the Princess for himself, which is why I had to, er, distract him."

"Great!" Lucca said, striking her victory pose. "So all's settled, then?"

"I'm afraid not, Madam," Gato said apologetically. "You see, Balthasar's plan has failed. He thought that he would separate Schala from the Time Devourer by making her fall in love with a lad named Serge."

"That's a dumb plan, Gato," Lucca said with a frown. "Let me guess, Schala doesn't swing that way."

"Exactly," Gato replied. "All we need to do now is find a suitable paramour for her..." He looked at Lucca speculatively.

"Gato! Don't look at me like that!" Lucca scolded him. "You know I can't get involved in this. But fear not, I have a secret weapon."

"Not the cavewoman, I hope!" Gato said with alarm, remembering the sparring session where she had dropped a boulder on him.

"Not Ayla," Lucca said. "Come in, Queen Merel XXIII! Princess Schala awaits!"

"Woo!" said Merel, descendant of a long line of heroic Naga (Naga-ette?) Queens. "That Princess is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Lead on, Lucca!"

And thus, Princess Schala was saved from having to be a corny puzzle boss, and she and Queen Merel XXIII lived happily ever after. THE END. ^_^


"Oh, Gato," said the King of Hotenshin, "Nobody's ever made me feel this way. Well, not to this extent, at least. I've had some other loves in my life, like anyone else. Well, maybe not really young children, or someone who lived in isolation all their life. Do you think that happens? I always wondered whether there were people out in the wilderness, living all alone. Except for maybe animals. Of course, they probably got slaughtered by monsters when that whole Darkloft thing was going on..."

And then they did a sex.

Oh, dear! Does that even compute? ^_^

"My name is Gato
I have metal joints
Do a 'sex' with me
And earn 15 Silver Points..." =D


And now I shall have to wonder if that "Naga-ette Bromide" from Chrono Trigger was actually a pin-up of Merel...

(goes off and writes Luxaren Allure / Chrono Trigger crossover fanfic... ^_^)
*laughs riotously*

"Chrono Allure": the long-awaited (and soon to be banned by Square Enix) sequel that bridges the chasm between Trigger and Cross! (Spoiler: it was the Nagas who fixed everything, and Kid was a clone of Aurelie, not Schala.) Coming soon to the Chrono Compendium my fevered imagination! =)


Congratulations! ^_^

Just think of it: henceforth, thou shalt be known as "Creator of the Award-Winning Luxaren Allure"!

And all I can say is that you've earned it several times over. Especially that "Best Characters" award. And now I shall have to wonder if that "Naga-ette Bromide" from Chrono Trigger was actually a pin-up of Merel...

(goes off and writes Luxaren Allure / Chrono Trigger crossover fanfic... ^_^)

The Winners of Misaos 2015

Woo hoo! Congratulations to all the winners, especially Luxaren Allure (^_^) and Brave Hero Yuusha (:D)...

Ara Fell Greenlight Campaign

Voted! ^_^ Looking forward to this...

Misaos Categories for 2016

Most Egregious Little Girl Torture Sim

there are so many shitty games starring little girls that get abused on this site, may as well kinkshame them into submission lmao

^_^ Well, it had to be said! Hear, hear!

What about best original song / soundtrack? =)

A quick look at a few characters in MGL

Princess Lavella? Hmm, the plot thickens... ^_^

(Also, I second Irog: this artwork is great.)


Thanks a lot for taking the time to check this out, and for both the suggestions! (It's clear that mapping isn't my forte, isn't it? ^_^)

I shall work on improving this map (and the other two like it which form part of the same sequence) and have the corrected version up soon. =)

Luxaren Allure

As for the difficulty, no worries about playing on Easy/Normal. The game veers on the challenging side, and that's what the difficulties are there for; to get an experience that feels fun and right. :DDDDD

Hey, that was another of the game's great features, actually! The "difficulty mode" setting is something that I haven't seen in too many RMN games, and it was well suited to a game like this: those who are playing mainly for the story and exploration (like yours truly ^_^) can use the easier modes, while those who enjoy tough battles can use the harder ones.

Hope the Tidal Zones aren't giving you too much trouble; I think they're my biggest regret, as they've caused a lot of frustration in some players ^^;;

What's life without a little challenge? ^_^ Besides, I guess they must have been fun or challenging to code in the first place. In an alternate dimension my reckless youth, I once fell prey to the same syndrome while writing a text game: I stuck in a series of puzzles that were a challenge to work out and seemed like a good idea, but those who played the game felt they were a bit of a momentum-killer. Balance is always a tricky thing. =)

Thanks again, and a huge thank-you for contributing to my Patreon as well! I really, really appreciate it!!! ^_^

No, thank you for creating a great game! (I'm also playing Chase for Divinity, and I like what I've seen of that so far too.. ^_^) Doing a little (extremely amateurish) game development has made me all too conscious of how resource- and time-intensive it can be, and I figured my two cents might help a bit. =)

Now to go back and finish the game! ^_^