Oracle of Tao

The most recent download for the game is Oracle of Tao_32.exe

If you have that one, then you don't need the Not Implemented

Since I don't know exactly what you did, I think you should delete the game, then reinstall, then try to play it without adding anything to it.

Oracle of Tao

I downloaded and tried the latest update (Oracle of Tao_31.exe) and you didn't replace the low bitrate mp3 that's the source of my (and Trihan's) trouble.

So, for anyone else who's getting the "Not Implemented" error and crash at the start of the game, download this mp3 and replace the one that's in the Music folder of Oracle of Tao:

Oracle of Tao

I removed that mp3 and the game started right up.
So, checking that mp3, I noticed its bit rate is only 64 Kbps.
So, I re-encoded that mp3 to 96 Kbps, put the new mp3 in the Music folder and the game started with no error.

So, it seems that for some computers, if the mp3 is less than 96 Kbps, it might cause a crash.

Oracle of Tao

I tried the KazString demo and it worked fine.

I tried your game again (v1.51c I believe) and noticed that I never hear the music start.

Which mp3 is the one used at the title screen?
I want to try substituting it to see if that fixes it.

Oracle of Tao

OK, new post because the one above is getting cluttered.

I've narrowed down the problem to either the font not being included or the game not recognizing it. (edit--apparently not the problem?)

And yes, I've tried both the default RpgMaker fonts and the 2 that are included in the Extras folder.

I hex edited the RPG_RT.exe to use the default fonts and it still didn't work, so I'm thinking it's one of the newer plugins that's causing this.

EDIT 3--
Removing the save_detector.dll allows the intro to play, but then on the title screen it once again crashes.
It seems to be related to the "Start, Load, Quit" menu not loading.
My older copy which works has the default "New Game, Load Game, Quit Game" menu.
Which was the last version of your game that still had the default "New Game, Load Game, Quit Game" menu?

EDIT 4--
Can you make a copy of the game that uses the default "New Game, Load Game, Quit Game" menu with the default fonts, and upload only the files that are different?

Oracle of Tao


Looking more closely at your screenshot, I noticed you have a different font.
That's the problem, with the font file!

-- OLD POST --

I already have the CommonRTP installed.
And even after adding the 1 missing RTP file the game uses to the game, I still get that error.
I even tried your newest download (again).

I have Win7 64 Bit.
Did you test your game on Win7 32 or 64 Bit?

This probably is happening because at least 1 of your DYN plugins is not compatible with 64 Bit systems.

An older version, Oracle of Tao 1.23 works for me.

So, these plugins are NOT the problem:

The problem with the new version is that while the title screen is displayed, the menu to select either "New Game, Load Game, Quit Game" does not appear.

That's probably why the game crashes.

Oracle of Tao

/installs game/
/starts game/
/watches many small warning popups saying "Not Implemented" pop up rapidly and repeatedly before Windows finally decides 'enough's enough' and shuts game down/
/wonders if perhaps new version should have been play-tested before release/
/decides to keep old version for now/

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Hi, I just find this forum/topic. YEARS ago I remember first using rpg maker 95 and I have been trying to find a game that I remember playing/editing.

I edited it to learn more about the problem (never released it, it was for myself), I just want to see the old game and see if it was ever finished.

I can't remember the name or the story so it is most likely a long shot that I ever find it, more so if anyone knows about it.

I remember finding it on the free website builders like angelfire. I believe the cast is all woman, but I can't remember if there was a guy or not. The main character was certainly a woman. The beginning of the game you go to a cave to find something, medicine?, and the boss was a gargoyle. I know the game had a serous tone and it only used the rtp. I do remember escaping from a castle later.

But that's all I know :P If anyone has any idea what it could be please post. I will try to find the game though your suggestion, because I can not remember the name of it.

This site has every RM95 game that hasn't disappeared forever yet:

That site has a rather creative, video game inspired setup, so to get the games, do this:
Click on the town map, then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character up into the top middle building.
Then click on the arcade map, and use arrow keys to move character up to the arcade machine in the middle.
Then click on the names of each game entry to bring up its download link.

If you don't find your game there, if you can remember the game's web sites's url, you can check to see if the site (and possibly the game itself) might have been archived by the Wayback Machine.

Music: How much is too much?

EDIT #2 - Umm....I am confused as to what's going on with Faith now, from those last 2 screenshots. What is going on here!? @_@;

I should have made this more clear, sorry about that.
You might have already figured this out, but if not...

The first screenshot shows the events that need Faith is for the Transient People (Jun. A).mp3

The second screenshot shows the events for Faith is for the Transient People (Sound Sepher).mp3

Thing is, both mp3s are for the SAME song

I determined this by searching for it, and finding it on YouTube, where in the description for the video it says:

Album: Youyou Kengeki Musou Original Sound Tracks
Arrangement: Jun.A
Circle: Sound Sepher

I also listened to both the YouTube video and the mp3 to confirm that the video was the same song as the mp3.

CONCLUSION: The events that need either Faith is for the Transient People (Jun. A).mp3 or Faith is for the Transient People (Sound Sepher).mp3 are playing the SAME SONG.

Music: How much is too much?

After downloading & adding to the Music folder the mp3s in the following packs:
Beta5+ Music
Expansion Music
Updated Music (for Update Patch 1.100)
Vanilla Music

RMTool lists these as missing:

Music file "Faith is for the Transient People (Sound Sepher)"
Music file "Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion (Orchestral)"
Music file "Strawberry Crisis!! <gibberish>"
Music file "Dark Side of Fate (dBu)"
Music file "Native Faith (dBu)"
Music file "Septette for the Dead Princess (UI-70)"
Music file "Selection (mochiton)"
Music file "Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke (dBu)"
Music file "Necro-Fantasy (Neutral)"
Music file "Touhou Gensoumaroku <gibberish> Devil of Decline - Boss 4 - OUT"
Music file "Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (Gensoumaroku)"
Music file "The Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum (Armageddon Records)"
Music file "<gibberish> Phantasia of Fantasy (Rin Satsuki's Theme #2)"
Music file "Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd Ibaraki Kasen 's Theme"
Music file "Legend of the Great Gods (dBu)"
Music file "Old Yuanxian (dBu)"
Music file "The Doll Maker of Bucuresti (FMWS)"


However 2 of them are not missing, they just aren't being recognized because of their Japanese characters:

Strawberry Crisis!! (マドレーヌ).mp3
Touhou Gensoumaroku 東方 東方幻想魔録 Devil of Decline - Boss 4 - OUT.mp3

The 3rd one that you mentioned, 花鳥風月は彷徨い歩く~Phantasia of Fantasy (Rin Satsuki's Theme #2).mp3 is missing, but I found it in an older version of Touhou Fantasy, the Beta 4 version which I still had.


These 3 mp3s with the Japanese characters are used on the following maps and events (according to RMTool)

Strawberry Crisis!! (マドレーヌ).mp3 used in 3 places:
Common Event Database: Entry 1410
Event: Beta5 Music Room at (10,20) page 1
Event: Party Switch Area at (28,13) page 2

Touhou Gensoumaroku 東方 東方幻想魔録 Devil of Decline - Boss 4 - OUT.mp3 used in 3 places:
Event: Beta4 Music Room at (4,16) page 1
Event: Insect Forest 10 at (9,1) page 1
Event: Insect Forest 10 at (9,1) page 1
(This means it was used twice during the same page of the same event on the same map)

花鳥風月は彷徨い歩く~Phantasia of Fantasy (Rin Satsuki's Theme #2).mp3 used in 1 place:
Event: Beta8 Music Room at (2,12) page 1

So, if you rename these 3, you'll have to edit those events and database entries to find & play the renamed mp3s.


Looking through the the list of missing mp3s, it seems that some of them are included but with changed names:

For example:
Faith is for the Transient People (Sound Sepher).mp3 == Faith is for the Transient People (Jun. A).mp3

But you can't just rename this mp3 because both names are used in-game:

Of course, you can just copy the mp3, then rename one so you'll have two mp3s with
different names, but since they both have the same song, that's just wasting space and making the game even larger then it needs to be.

There's a few others like this, here's the rest:

Missing Mp3 ==
Included Duplicate with Different Name

Dark Side of Fate (dBu).mp3 ==
Dark Side of Fate.mp3

Faith is for the Transient People (Sound Sepher).mp3 ==
Faith is for the Transient People (Jun. A)

Native Faith (dBu).mp3 ==
Native Faith.mp3

Septette for the Dead Princess (UI-70).mp3 ==
Septette for a Dead Princess 2.mp3


These 2 mp3s can just be renamed as only the correct name is used in the game

Correct Name ==
Incorrect Name

Legend of the Great Gods (dBu).mp3 ==
08- 大神大神話伝.mp3

Old Yuanxian (dBu).mp3 ==
07- 古き妖仙 ~ Master and Servant.mp3


Which means these are the ones that actually are missing, though they may have been included with older versions of Touhou Fantasy:

Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (Gensoumaroku).mp3
Necro-Fantasy (Neutral).mp3
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke (dBu).mp3
Selection (mochiton).mp3
Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion (Orchestral).mp3
The Doll Maker of Bucuresti (FMWS).mp3
The Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum (Armageddon Records).mp3
Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd Ibaraki Kasen 's Theme.mp3
花鳥風月は彷徨い歩く~Phantasia of Fantasy (Rin Satsuki's Theme #2).mp3

If you need RMTool, I have the latest version stored in my RMN locker:

If you decide to use RMTool, don't use the Purge function. It's supposed to delete all the unused files, but RMTool is somewhat buggy, so it'll probably delete a few files that are needed.

Btw, after adding all the mp3s (including the missing ones I found either in my old Beta4 copy or on YouTube) my copy of the game comes to 1.4 GB rared.
And I even removed the thumbs.db and RTP files (since I already have the RTP) to shrink it down a bit.