Chains of Fate
A classic-style RPG focused on choice-making and decisions!



Big news!

I greatly reduced the file size and also fixed a glitch in the tower. please redownload the game if you have the version I released a few days ago. Enjoy!


Thanks for the encouraging words.:) I won't give up so easily. I'm nothing if not persistent!


Thanks, guys. I'm having serious mixed feelings right now. I did ask you guys to be honest, and I appreciate it. (I'm actually not as new to game making as my makerscore might make me seem, BTW. Just very glitch-prone...) I will take your suggestions to heart and keep on improving~!


...Oh, I see. Sorry for your loss. I don't have that kind of experience, so I guess that showed. I tired hard, but horror really isn't my forte. I was really sick at the time, and looking back at this game, I see my part didn't work out half as well as I wanted it to. *Sigh...* Oh well. I gave it my best shot.
Edit: Was my half that bad? Did I really not do this any justice? Tell me honestly...


I'm glad to see you enjoyed the game for the most part, everyone! After seeing the vid there, I have some comments of my own regarding Creaking.

That battle with She Who Watches was... O_o; >_< *Screams at the sky.* So, I decided to be much more forgiving with my half of the game. I thought the battles would be far less necessary in the castle (which was my part), so I decided to hide a few tricks in my half to take the edge off of the battles. If you turn off your lantern after lighting it, you don't get into fights. Hence the "may draw attention" comment in its description. (I wanted it to activate battles only while it was on, but this was the best I could do in the time I had... I probably should've made it more obvious that it can cause enemies to appear.) You also won't see certain things and will not be able to successfully complete some areas. The thing with the shining Angel's Tear "doing nothing" was a special feature. (You will only find them if Eddiston did not die during the switch puzzle.) I probably should've dropped a hint as to what it does rather than leaving it up to the player to discover. (Oopsie.) If the Guardian of the Gates is gathering energy, it will stop its charge. Otherwise it does nothing. My maze part was mostly bad because it was originally going to have a second puzzle in it. It also looks like I accidently made the encounter rate way too high in the maze... It's supposed to get easier if you turn off the lantern. As you may remember, I got really sick and was useless for a while. I never had the chance to implement the other puzzle before the deadline. I'll add these things in in the extended update.

Anyhow, I'm glad you all seem to enjoy it~! This was also my first attempt at horror, so I'm happy you seemed to like it mostly! However, THAT AWFUL ENCOUNTER RATE ISSUE MUST GO IMMEADIATELY! That was an unforgivable oversight on my end. *Uploads a fixed version and crawls in a hole in embarrassment...*
Edit: Er, I missed the point?? I don't follow... :/ I tried.

RMN Easter Pixel Quilt 2016

Ooh, neato! I wanna try A4~!

Swap in the Middle with You~

I'll happily be in if that happens~! I like game making challenges like this. This was a blast! Maybe I'll even manage to avoid all the horrible luck I had next time, haha.


Just finished it following the new upload! I really enjoyed playing through it again, it made me appreciate it all the more, especially the "elderly people with canes" battle system. The castle was really cool, also.

Anyways, here's a couple things I noticed and thought I would mentioned due to your previous comments (spoilers!):

1. It seems your intention of the lantern is to have it spawn random encounters while on. I never had a random encounter with the lantern on. In fact, I would flick it on and off and walk around trying to see if it was just a high step count, but it wasn't.

2. The path in the maze, the upper-left most area where you see the ghost of Agnes, has a sparkling event you can inspect to acquire more angel tear. It says you acquire the angel tear, yet there's no box you're getting it from.

3. I never noticed angel tear doing something. It seems I have two different types of angel tear, one that revives, and one that never seems to do anything. I used them on the enemies in the last boss fight and the item never seemed to do anything.

4. I don't think Guardian of the Gates ever cast his apocalyptic spell when I played it. He went down real quick.

Also, I thought I'd mentioned it here in the spoilers section: great ending! It definitely fit the mood of the game. It was rather sad what happens, but it seems completely plausible. Really wish there was more to this game, because I enjoyed all of it.
1. I'm 90% sure this has something to do with me misunderstanding a script change Craze made to the encounter system. I'm going to tinker around some more and see what the heck happened...
Edit: Found the buggin' thing! It's fixed.

2.Gah, thanks... That'll be fixed straight away.

3. The shining Angel Tear has a special feature. If the Guardian of The Gates is alive for 6 turns, it will start gathering energy. 6 turns later, it will cast the apocalyptic spell. The shining Angel Tear will cancel its charging and force the spell to end prematurely. If it is not charging, the Angel Tear does nothing. The Guardian of The Gates is meant to seem more innocuous than He Who Listens, only to one-shot you in 12 turns if it is allowed to live. I might toughen him up in the next update. (I was worried that the game-ending spell would seem uber...)
Edit: I toughened it up slightly. I didn't intend it to be IMPOSSIBLE to kill the Guardian of The Gates without the item, so I was worried about this...

4. See 3.

Glad to see you enjoyed it! I've been thinking about making an "extended" version, and once I've figured out problem 1 I'll do so! This game was a blast to work on~!

August and the Abyss

Heh. Okay, I did not expect this. This game made me smile quite a lot. I totally did not expect this slice-of-life take one bit, and I love it~! My original concept was meant to be cliché-riddled, goofy, and not take itself seriously. Look what you did to it! You took the ball and slam-dunked it! Well done, I approve heartily~!

Just one problem...
The ending felt... unsatisfying and empty. I'd like to see a "true" ending(ex: August learns his lesson and makes his game better, getting accepted.) Don't get me wrong, the ending as it stands suits the game's silly nature, but I guess it felt hollow in the end. Still, 10/10 from me~!

August and the Abyss

Ooh, I've been looking forward to seeing what you did with my half! I'll give it a whirl right away~!