I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

Site last broken: 7th January, 2017
Before that: 24th May 2016
Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.


To the edge of the galaxy: RimWorld

Hey, I know it's an older game but it's just come out on Steam and had an update so let's talk about it!

Dwarf Fortress crossed with Prison Architect, RimWorld is a game where you control a group of people (or just one) and brave the Worlds at the Rim of the galaxy. Maybe your group is a tribe that is building itself back from the ashes of destruction, maybe it consists of three crashlanded space dwellers, perhaps you're a rich explorer - either way you must build a base whilst dealing with random events and the various interactions between your characters.

It's a high-variable kind of base building game where you'll be raided, have mental breaks, find love form and dissolve between your group and gain and lose allies. Live or die? That's up to what you do and how random chance decides to fuck you over.

An example of what you might run into:

My tribe of five ran away from the ashes of their old home, deciding to build a new life on a small island. There they found ample food, good soil and a fair amount of resources and begun to build. The tribe leader, Val, soon struck up a close friendship with Frog, the hunter, and the two started sharing a bedroom (though not a bed) quite often, despite Frog's preference for being alone.

One night Frog went out to hunt and didn't come back, killed by the creature he was hunting (a squirrel gone made with bloodlust, ffs). Val dragged his body back to the base, dug a grave by himself and buried his friend, then went mad with grief and started to burn the whole village down.

Everyone was too busy trying to fight the fires to stop him and he continued to set fires until all bar one of the animals and other members of the tribe had burned to death. The last time we saw Val he was standing in the middle of a ring of fire, himself in flames.

The sole survivor, Moose, is currently badly wounded and resigned to dying, her mind in a daze and unable to do anything after having her home burn down three times in her life (she was initially a child from a destroyed village who found a new home in the previous village and now has lost her village a third time).

So, how about sharing your experiences with this crazy but awesome game?

Resource Downloads

So someone brought to my attention something that never twigged to me when I uploaded resources to the site, but is pretty important.

Adding a download to a resource is only available after it's already been submitted - you have to edit the resource in order to add a download file to it and that's a little weird considering some resources you definitely want to have uploaded (music or large packs of graphics, for example).

There's no option to add a download from the offset. Now I do realise that it says that you can add more files to the resource after submitting, but it seems a little silly to force you to submit before doing so, right?

I mean, unless it's something we can't actually add to the default page for some reason - in which case, maybe if we made that line in the description a bit bigger or added just before the submit button or something so it can be seen easier, it might alleviate the issue, but I think there's a fair few people out there who only added links to the body of their resources because they missed the line about uploading completely.

Anything we can do about that?

Delve into the Dungeon: RMN Plays!

Darkest Dungeon is an interesting little game that can be frustrating, painful but a lot of fun to play. You make your heroes and then go dungeon diving, hoping against hope that they don't develop bad habits and keep alive.

Just the kind of game where RMNers would make a good crew to jump in.

The Story:
The year is 2007. WIP has revisited the site, with the desire to rebuild it to be more functional only to find that the site code has been overrun by errors and bugs.

WIP and ankylo join forces to delve into the darkness, trying to salvage what they can of the old site in order to create it anew. They quickly realise that they'll need more than just the two of them to beat back the horrors and make the site usable once more.

Enter you lot.

How this will play:
- Pick one of the hero classes to represent yourself.
- Try to choose from the currently available pool of heroes, but if there's a particular one you're gunning for, let me know and I'll put it aside for you.
- It'll be first come, first served, so whoever calls x or y first will get their choice before someone else. Don't worry, there's going to be more than just one of each class available.
- If your hero dies, you can choose another, but you'll be given secondary choice only after first-time pickers choose.

To choose a hero, tell me the default name shown and class. Then let me know what you want it renamed to and if you want a particular kind of colour scheme for them (it's limited but I'll try. If you say something like "Dark and edgy" I'll pick the scheme that fits that best.)

First Episode:
Note that I added Marrend and LockeZ. Feel free to ask for someone else guys. Your names were the first to pop into my head at the time.
If someone wants to take over those characters (assuming Marrend and LockeZ don't want them), let me know.

Current character choices

Current Crew
ankylo (Highwayman)
LockeZ (Plague Doctor)
Kloe (Grave Robber)
UPRC (Plague Doctor)
Liberty (Arbalest)
Red_Nova (Hound Master)
kentona (Antiquarian)
Capage (Hellion)
Ocean (Bounty Hunter)
Happy (Jester)
Tevak (Jester)
esby (Hellion)
Seiromem (Highwayman)
Mawk (Leper)
Illy (Crusader)
TungermanU (Man at Arms)
Xoe (Leper)
NeverSilent (Vestal)
Wayne (Vestal)
Frogge (Bounty Hunter)
unity (Grave Robber)

Pending Crew

Pending Gifts

Those we have lost along the way
Gredge (Bounty Hunter)
Ratty (Antiquarian)
Pizza (Abomination)
Marrend (Vestal)
Gourdy (Occultist)
WIP (Crusader)
8 Strength (Man at Arms)


The Abomination is a powerful and versatile shapeshifting fighter. He can cause blight and stun (while also dealing non-negligible damage) from the second or third ranks and heal his own stress and health in human form. But what makes this hero class very special is that he can also transform into beast form to deal a good amount of damage from the front ranks.

The Antiquarian is by no means a fighter, possessing with the worst base stats in the game. Despite the lack of damage, she is not a particularly powerful support either. She's a bit of an odd duck, really, but she has some tricks up her sleeve.

The Arbalest carries a heavy crossbow with which she is able to snipe high priority targets from afar. As a downside, she is only really effective from the 3rd and 4th ranks. The Arbalest is an exceptionally effective hero for dealing high damage from the back ranks.

Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter can be your crowd control guy or damage dealer. His job is to wreak havoc on your enemies' formation and is able to deal a good amount of single-target damage under proper conditions. He is a great support character who can serve on all fronts, due to the versatility of his skills that he can use no matter where he is placed in the party formation. As he wears only light armor, he isn't a class meant for tanking. He also lacks any area-of-effect skills, which is unusual for high-damage classes.

One of the first characters you get in-game, the crusader is one of the game's tank classes. Designed for the basic task of both taking hits and dealing high damage to the enemy. He is a front line combatant with minor support skills that can come in handy, but not be relied on. While he may lack range, he more than makes up for it with his sturdiness, utility, and accurate, strong strikes.

Grave Robber
Grave Robbers have an odd niche in the available class roster due to her versatility. Her mix of melee and range skills enable her to be a part of any line-up, and ensure that she has at least one available skill no matter where she is placed position-wise. While she doesn't deal as much damage as others, she makes up for it by being independent with access to a variety of self-buffs and high precision strikes. She can toss daggers and poison darts into the back-line, increasing her accuracy to ensure successive hits to evasive enemies.

The Hellion is a front-line class with a good balance of damage and durability with a versatile set of abilities for maiming enemies wherever they are positioned and for sustaining herself, although they are not without costs. Her versatility is only matched by her ferocity. Her skills do give debuffs after use, though they are quite strong.

The Highwayman is an offensive class that can dish out damage from any position. Wherever the foe might force him to move or however many there are, he can cause them misery, and often in exactly the flavor you happen to need.

Hound Master
the Hound Master brings forth a variety of skills that can be used to support allies and wound enemies. His two main attacks, Hound's Rush and Hound's Harry, both inflict bleed. The Hound Master also has a variety of support abilities.

The Jester is a mix of support abilities and damage abilities. He can be difficult to use, having a variety of strict positional requirements for his abilities. But he also has the most self-moving skills, allowing him to change what abilities are available. When properly used, he can be both a devastating damage dealer and a powerful support character.

An incredibly heavy damage taker and giver, the Leper is an initially awkward but potentially game-winning character. The Leper is capable of delivering a brutal amount of damage while withstanding whatever is thrown at him, but is held back by his low accuracy and is only effective on and against the front two ranks. He has both the highest base damage and the highest base health of any hero.

Man at Arms
The Man-at-Arms is a front-line defensive class with a focus on survivability. He can attack with a good range and moderate damage, but really shines with his support skills. The Man-at-Arms is also flexible in terms of position and can perform well anywhere.

The Occultist is a support class who specializes in using powerful debuff spells on the enemy while healing allies. He has low health, deals low damage, and occasionally his powers may backfire, but when his Eldritch curses work, they work well. Worth noting is that although the Occultist has a low attack and most of his attacks have damage penalties on top, they do all have a high critical chance.

Plague Doctor
The Plague Doctor is a powerful support class specialized in blight damage and dealing with the enemy's own damage over time effects. She has a lot of decent spells at her disposal, and some healing and buffs which can prove very effective at keeping your party alive in the dungeons.

The most effective healing class, the Vestal is a versatile and initially crucial support character. She is not helpless if dragged to the front, but her specialty is hanging back and aiding her team with heals and spells. Although her utility may seem to fall off in the more difficult dungeons, she nevertheless is the most effective healer available.

Art/Resource/Etc: Heads-up on what NOT to use!

Now we all know that rips and edits there-of are not allowed to be used for commercial projects. We know that taking from others' hard-created resources will get you in trouble here on the site, too.

Thankfully, there's a lot of great resource creators out there who make stuff that can be used both commercially and non-commercially.

Unfortunately, though, there are some assbutts who steal others' work and pass it off as their own in the hopes of making money/accolades/etc. This can catch people out who don't know better and trust content creators to provide good content that they can use in their games.

More than once people have been caught out - creating commercial (and non-) projects from resources that they've paid for, only to find out that legally they don't have any rights to those resources because the person they paid for them was not the owner.

So this topic is about keeping people aware of what is not usable for commercial and non-commercial projects. This includes all kinds of resources. It's not meant as a name shame type topic, but being that some people tie their names to their 'product', when it is found out that they 'did the dirty' it comes to reason that anything tied to that name becomes questionable.

Please use this thread to keep each other aware of what resources exist out there that should not be used in your projects.


Hanzo Kimura/Kaus - Started by editing XP resources and trying to sell them. Also made a resource pack called Valkyrie Series but when it was found out they'd used stolen artwork they changed their name to Kaus and started selling resource packs which contained content ripped from various games. Anything distributed and sold by that person is to be considered highly suspect and should not be used in commercial endeavours (or non-commercial if you don't know who to credit properly). More details can be found here.

Let's Write... !!!

Unlike most of the Let's Write... series, this time it's up to you what you want to write. Fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry... whatever~

As always, there's no cap on what you write - it can be as dark or light as you want. We don't crib creativity in these topics.

If someone jumps in and starts demanding that others stop writing x or y, I'll just delete their posts.

That said, if you do write dark stuff be mindful of others. Always tag your work and hide it in tags so that people can jump past your posts with ease.

If you write something that is not safe for work, tag it in bold. Same with stuff that has triggering things in it such as rape, abuse, violence and the like.

Keep fanfiction in the fanfiction thread, please.

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

It's been a long time since I made a Let's Write thread. And hey, let's be silly and just have fun!

So write some fanfiction!

What is fanfiction?

It's basically fiction writing based on pre-existing worlds. It's basically taking a world and characters and saying "What if...?" and then following those thoughts. It can be any genre, with any characters, of any world. A lot of the time they are based on romance what-ifs (also called 'shipping' - ship being short-hand for relationship) where two characters who might not normally have gotten together do (Sherlock and Watson, for example) or expanding on pre-existing relationships by showing stuff we don't normally see.

There are different kinds like:
Crossover - featuring more than one fiction 'crossing over' with the other. For example Harry Potter and Final Fantasy 7 characters team up against evil.
Canon - Follows the established rules of the world, but with the what-if factor still present. Say, what if Frodo were Frodette? Would that have changed the story of Lord of the Rings and how? It follows the main storyline but with small changes.
Non-Canon - changes the story completely. Usually doesn't focus on making characters act as they do in the original story and may change up large points of the world.
Fluff - usually romantic, silly fluff-filled joy. Characters acting all cute and cuddly and X3
Drabble - short little bites, usually kept to 100 words or a preset amount.
! - usually based on a change in the main character/s in a specific way. For example Badass!LukeSkywalker might make him less of a push-over and more of an ass-kicking master or Cute!Jabba would make an oxymoron.
Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu - basically a self-insert with another name, or at least a character written who is loved by all, has all the powers and all the awesome and is just super duper coolness with no faults whatsoever (bar the fact they're too modest for their own good or non-faults like that) and who are the star and beat everyone who goes against them super easily and OMG so cool OMG!!! Very wish-fulfilment based but some can be done well. Too awesome to exist IRL.
Self-Insert - putting yourself in the world to interact with the characters within. A lot of the time romantic in nature (Legolas, let's get married~<3) but there are some great ones that don't (and do) go that well. Seen by most people as highly self-fulfilling. Not that that's a bad thing, really.

So, let's get this thing rolling. If you want to write fanfics and share them, do so here.


- Use hide tags for the body of text.
- Please put some tagging so that people know what they're getting into.
- You may post raunchy stuff and dark and whatnot, but TAG that shit so people don't accidentally get caught out.

NSFW - generally not safe for work
NSFL - the worst stuff the imaginative mind has to offer. not safe for LIFE
Rape/Torture/Body Horror/etc - just tag that shit and bold it please. People have triggers over stuff and some people may have experienced this kind of thing in their lives. Be considerate.

I'm NOT going to tell people not to write specific things and if others try to do so in this thread I WILL DELETE THEIR POSTS. You are warned. This is a creative thread meaning that the darkest and lightest parts of life can be touched apon. If you don't like certain subjects, then don't read what's hidden under the tags, it is as simple as that.

That said, do NOT use people on this site for your fanfics without their express permission!

Have at~

[Poll] RMN Birthday Event Ideas

This year will be the official 9th birthday for RMN! In two weeks time we will be holding an event - unfortunately the idea we initially had has fallen through, but there's other ideas we could do and input from you guys can help us come up with one that will work and be fun for most!

3+3+3=9 - +1
This idea is basically the same as the last but broken down to be shorter.
3 hours to make in, 3 characters total, 3 maps.
Short, simple and effective.

The Trilogy (Part 1) - -1
Three days in order to create three games that are a trilogy, each made in 3 hours. Basically, one game each day, made by yourself over a total of 9 hours. Each game is made in 3 hours, not 3 hours long.

The Trilogy (Part 2)
Three people work together to make three games IN THREE HOURS. You pick your crew and have at it over the course of the 3 days. One game a day.

The Trilogy (Part 3)
Three-person chain game. Can be random or chosen, first day one person makes 3 hours of gammak. Second day second person adds 3 hours OF GAME MAKING to that game. Third day third person makes last 3 hours of gammak.

Triple Trials
Three times set up for people to make a game during and be on slack/discord/irc to chat about each others' games afterwards. 3 hours to make, 3 hours to play each others' games after everyone finishes making them (so 6 hours - 3 to make, 3 to play), 3 times to do it during (catch one or all).

Got a suggestion? Let us know!

The Tale of K3ntona's Bann3 Hamm3r (Ocean) - 10 votes
Like the old 'Alex' games, we can have 3 days for everyone to make their one map (all resources included, for people who don't have RTP), and then submit them. It'd be all based around a theme or character, and then have someone at the end connect them and then have a full adventure through it!

Could be done with RM2k3 or Ace (or both with enough people! - Liberty) considering those are probably the 2 most used engines, probably no scripts just to avoid having scripts contradict or mess up other peoples maps.

Through Dark and Twist [Forum RPG']

Hello, welcome to a short RP 'Tabletop' game! It'll hopefully only take a few weeks to get through and will be pretty simple style-wise. Your stats will be small, your skills will be minimal and you will have to co-operate in order to escape capture.

The Story
You are one of a group of heroes who have found themselves inside a dark cell in a gothic-styled dungeon. You have no recollection of how you got here (though your memories of before then are fine) or why you've been captured, but it is up to all of you to work together to find a way out!

Your Build

You may choose one of four base classes:

Warrior: High POW. Medium INT and CON. Low AGI. +1 Armour.
Mage: High INT. Medium AGI and CON. Low POW. +1 Spell.
Rogue: High AGI. Medium AGI and POW. Low CON. +1 Lockpick.
Farmer: High CON. Medium AGI and POW. Low INT. +1 Food.

Eventually, as you gain levels, you will be able to promote to one of two hidden new classes. These will be based on how you've built your hero.


There are four stats:
CON - this denotes your defence, health and resistances against physical ailments.
POW - this denotes your strength, damage output and physical ability.
INT - this denotes your intelligence, magic and non-physical resistances.
AGI - this denotes your speed, acrobatic performance and luck.

Your class denotes your base stats, and you may add 5 points into any of those stats to customise your build.

Every time you level up you will gain 2 points to put into these stats and build your character. Experience will be based on damage done to enemies (each point of damage will be +1 EXP), so it benefits you to attack instead of standing back and letting others do all the heavy work.

Your Skills

You may start with one of the following skills, based on your class. Mages may pick two skills.

Slash - A fast slash. Deals more damage based on your AGI.
Shield Bash - A protective stance that baits the enemy to attack you. If they do you will deal damage based on your CON.
Stab - A powerful attack that is based on your POW.
Critical Strike - An attack that does low damage but has a chance at dealing double damage based on your INT.

Wind Spin - Wind-based damage that hits all enemies. Based on AGI stat.
Fire Bloom - Fire-based damage that deals heavy damage. Based on POW stat.
Healing Dew - Water-based healing. Based on INT stat.
Protective Dust - Earth-based protection against ailments and damage. Based on CON stat.

Shadow Strike - Low damage, chance to blind based on AGI.
Sweet Spot - Low damage, can maim a foe based on INT.
Slash Hack - A slashing attack based on POW.
Block Stab - Strike back for double damage if enemy attacks. Based on CON.

Fumble Flail - Variance damage based on POW and dice roll.
Tumble Weed - Dodges all attacks for this turn, based on AGI.
Infuriate - Increases ally's attack for a turn, based on INT.
Slake - Heal self/ally, based on CON.

Your Items

You may start the game with one type of food, one piece of armour and one memento. Warriors may pick two pieces of armour. Farmers may pick two pieces of food.

- Cheese and Bread (+5HP)
- Wine (+3HP, 2 uses)
- Jerky (+3HP, Guts)

- Leather Bracer (+1 CON, +1 POW)
- Boots (+1 CON, +1 AGI)
- Kneepads (+1 CON, +1 INT)
- Padded Tunic (+2 CON)

- Silver Coin
- Leather Sheath
- Wooden Pendant
- Silver Ring
- Diary Page
- Leather Pouch
- Lock of Hair
- Carved Doll

You do not start with weapons - they will be found through your journey. As such it will very much be based on what you find. You may end up wielding some strange weapons indeed - from chair legs to chain whips to monster limbs.

Your Character

To join tell me the following:

Name: Name of your character
Class: The class they are
Stat changes: Where you spend your 5 points
Skill/s: Which skill/s they have
Items: Their starting items.

Phobia/s: (Must have one)
Description: Even just a basic one.
Image: If you have one. Not a necessity.

How to Play

You will be shown maps that you can explore. You will have a certain amount of turns overall to find your way out of the area you find yourself in, but there will be ways to increase that amount. This means you need to balance thorough exploration with moving through the dungeon. Don't explore enough and you might miss out on finding items to help you with your quest. Explore too much and you might find yourself failing the quest.

A turn will consist of one action per person. Most turns will be based on either exploring or combat. For the most part I'll be pretty lenient with what you can do - interacting with people or items in specific ways. There will be some limitations, but for the most part I'll allow almost any actions and react to them.

- inspect: interact with different parts of the map
- heal: use items to heal
- move: go to the next map area
- rest: uses 4 turns to fully heal all party members. -1 food each.
- special: some maps may have special options like shopping or talking to NPCs.

- skill: use one of your skills
- heal: use an item to heal
- escape: move back one room. You will get two turns to recuperate (so you cannot sleep) but the enemy will chase you. Running too much can get you cornered and may cause you to fail in your mission.Y

Win/Lose Conditions
You will win the game if you manage to escape before the end of the allotted turns.
You will lose if you do not manage to escape before the end of the allotted turns, or if all of you DIED.

DIED is the loss of all of your LIFE during combat (and in some cases, outside of it). Each player will start with 3 LIFE. If you lose all LIFE you will have DIED.

There are some ways to gain more LIFE, and even a few ways to restore one who has DIED, but they are few and far between. You will lose one LIFE if your HP hits 0. At that point you will be removed from combat.

If everyone falls in a battle they will be transported back to the start of the dungeon and randomly lose armour, weapons and items. There will also be a 4-turn penalty applied, though all HP and MP will be restored and ailments will be removed.

Status Effects
There will be a series of status effects (ailments and buffs) during the game which affect different aspects of your character. I'll be adding them to the list as we come across them, but here are a few basic ones.

Guts - If your HP hits 0 within the next 2 turns you will heal +1 HP

Blind - Enemy chance to hit greatly reduced for 1 turn. (D6 roll by GM. 1/2 = hit. 3-6 = miss)
Maim - Reduces enemy ability. -2 Random Stat (D4 roll by GM)

Inventory Limits
There are limitations to your inventory space. You may hold up to 16 items. Food and consumable items will stack. Weapons, different treasures and armour will not. There are ways to increase your inventory space, however it is expected that you share amongst yourselves so that no one person has everything.

Keep in mind that you can only use the items that are in your own personal inventory. This means giving just one person all the food is a bad idea.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if one person is KO'd in battle then all their inventory is inaccessible until after the battle. If someone DIES, then some of their inventory will be randomly removed (amount is D6 roll, picked at random). You may pick up what is left from their corpse, however.

Passive Skills
Interaction may require the use of passive skills such as lockpicking, deciphering and the like. The success of these skills will be based on what your class is expected to know - dealing with animals, for example, is something Farmers will excel at, but they'd be terrible at reading ancient languages.

For the most part these skills will be based on where they fall under the different stat types - the higher the base stat for a class, the more likely they are to succeed and the lower the base stat, the less likely they will succeed.

I will determine successes through dice rolls. If a passive falls under a high stat (for example, lockpicking for a Rogue) then they will get two tries per turn for that skill. If they fail the first and succeed the second, then it will count as a success. However, depending on the skill some classes may not be able to ever succeed - if this is the case, I will let you know after one try at the skill.

[APRIL] Misao Monthly Round-Up

This year we're going to try and put into spotlight the games that come through the site which are eligible for the Misaos. This is one of many threads that will pop up over the course of the year to show the various games out there available for voting.

The aim of these threads is to get people talking and giving their opinions on the games that are eligible for this years' Misaos. Some of the staff have played some of the games and given their thoughts, and anyone who has played any of the games listed here can give a small summary of what they thought (or provide a link to reviews, Let's Plays or Let's Tries) and it will be added to the relevant post.

  • Green, orange or red names in the posts below indicate games that have some summaries/content added.

  • Green means that it was well-received. Orange means that the game was mixed/average. Red means that people don't recommend the game/that it was badly received this month.

  • Blue or Black names indicate games with no summaries/content.

  • If you want to give a small summary about a game leave a post with the name and the content and it'll be added under the name of the game in the appropriate list. You can include a link to a review, Let's Play, Let's Try or the like with that, but we're really looking for quick little blurbs about each game so that people can just check under the name and see what others thought.

[Play Time] Bullet Ballot Mafia

Hi there again, yeah, mafia time. This time, (to no one's surprise, I'm sure) we're doing something different. But it's different for me, too! No long-ass games based on RP this time!

What is?
Basically, this was something that just popped into my head. It's probably been done before.

Rapid fire game is go! So, basically, depending on the amount of signees, there will be a few killers, and townies. Only two powers this time around. Killers kill, townies lynch, yadda yadda yadda.

So how is this different? Ballots~

Yup, ballots. Every person has one secret ballot which they will fill in over the course of the day and PM to me. The idea is that no-one knows who is going to be lynching whom. You must vote for someone to be lynched during the day phase. The person (or persons, in the case of a tie... depending on amounts of players) will be lynched. As always, town will be trying to lynch the killers.

- Double ballot. This will be doled out at random to one person at the start of the game. They must then pass it on to someone else that night. This makes you choose two different people to vote for.
- Null ballot. This will be doled out at random to one person at the start of the game and they must pass it on to someone else that night. Null ballot forces you to pick one person whose ballot doesn't count - so during the day in which you have the Null Ballot, you pick someone and have their Ballot be nothing. You cannot say who you passed the ballot to until it's no longer in their hands (that is, two days after you passed it) and you can only say who you used it on the next day (when your choice is no longer in effect).

Aiming for 2 days each Day Phase, at most. People who don't talk at all will get killed and/or replaced because no. Please don't sign up if you don't intend to play and get involved. Going under the radar isn't how this works - talking and interacting is how you play, not staying silent. Make it sweet but fast~

Basic Rules:
- No telling what role you are on the day you have it OR who you passed it to on the day THEY have it. (That is, if on Day 1 you had the Null and passed it on to x on Day 2, on Day 3 onwards you may drop their name, but not on Day 2. On Day 2 you may only say that you had it.)
- No telling who you voted for on that day (special powers only). Discussing your choices of the day before is a-okay.
- I will release ballot amounts each day after the lynching. So Day 1's votes will be released just as Night 1 comes in.
- You may talk about your ballot choices but be aware that mafia may not be the only one to lie.
- No talking if you're dead (though feel free to hang around Dead-chat.)
- Do not edit posts or talk during night phase.

A basic day phase will go like so:
- I tell who was killed at night.
- I give ballot numbers (X for yesterdays lynched. Y for this other person. Z for this person)
- You all discuss and form opinions based on information you each give (previous day role claims and ballot voting, etc)
- You all send in one ballot each. If a ballot is missing by end time that person's vote will default to their own name, which can lead to being lynched instead is eliminated in place of the one who was to be lynched that day.
- Night phase. Killers kill, powers get used and passed.

I'll get more into the rules when the time comes - they're pretty simple. I'm aiming to get this thing started this Friday (I'm a little busy this week and that will give some time for people to get ready).

Feel free to ask questions for clarification.

Yellow Magic