Tales of spells!!!??1?11??!!

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You're supposed to travel further south of Kaipo Cave. There will be a town south of a mountain range there.


I see you're... Maximizing the battle performance!

Aside of that, is this "scene" inspired by early Dragon Quest games? While I haven't played any earlier Dragon Quest games I do recall seeing screenshots from them where battles look like this, although they're front-view.

Blackmoon Prophecy II: "The Crystal War" Story Expansion

Damn... I've been delaying starting a fresh playthrough for ages now and now there's an expansion in the works? I might be able to play the finished product when I'm a millenium old grumpy old man. LOL
BTW, that "The Crystal War" expansion is what was supposed be "(Final Fantasy) Blackmoon Origins"? ;)


This looks pretty nice. Good job on that!


Ah, this looks great! And it seems we have also equip some body armor aside of a standard weapon and an accessory. Great idea!


Ooh~!! This looks nice♥♥

Penumbra Crystallis

I've decided that Blinded by Light from XIII will be the battle theme (...)
Oh~!! Me likey!!♥♥ I love me some FFXIII!


Quantico looks quite FFVII-ish.

Edit: Also Chakra Petch.

Samsarian Tale Demo 3.0

I think I encounted this problem in an earlier version of the demo, but the Dusk Cave have provided me with two annoying things so far:

  • Sometimes when entering a map with hidden passages, the hidden passages are just blocked. Like, I know there's a passage here, but apparently the event on the hidden passage's entrance have not loaded correctly?

  • In the encounters with two differently colored bats, I think initiating the battle with the black one causes the game to kind of freeze, as in the screen shakes mildly and that's it. You can't do anything else, but turn off the game.