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the person of the game world working hard to give you entertainment

Dead games :: a playlist on

Game that started great but end up cancelled, developer never returned or on a long hiatus. The game on the list is great go back making them please.

Following the sun
The depths I'm willing to sink to for a Snoopy badge...
Revelation Chronicles: E...
Anime styled Fantasy RPG.
Arian Wild
A prince rises from the grave to save his country
An isometric RPG with MS-DOS inspired visuals
Wilfred the Hero, Part 1
Innovative RPG with 100% custom-assets, including graphics, music, and gameplay systems.
Mecha RPG
Awesome Quest II
The sequel to the first Awesome Quest
Black Blobs Adventure
Submission for the 2011 RMN Summer Games
Devil Counter
Action Adventure RPG that tells the story of a loyal knight and apprentice mage.
Where Only Dreams Can Ta...
A brand new RPG that spans multiple worlds, original story(sorta), and no other developers but me!HA this is fun, not.
Lithia and the Lithia Si...
Through darkness, our heroes will rise.
Cambridge Series
4 Heroes. 1 God. 1 World. 1 Chance.
Crests of Hope ~ Disturb...
Sarah is a crestfallen, a human that can use magical crests, but a psychotic cult want her blood to revive their master.
Noble Quest
Gameboy styling in a retro RPG
A kind-of classic partly-cliche open-word type game where you decide the worlds fate
Prophecy : The Demon Kin...
A classic medieval tale of friendship and fantasy.
Eden Gate
Vast Action RPG
A boy picks up the phone in the middle of the night. That phonecall will set things in motion that will change the course of the future.
Stella Sidus
Friends, or a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make your dreams come true~
Independently produced adventure game/abstract art game
Sacred Mana
Linear fantasy RPG
Trials & Tribulations
The Trials and Tribulations of kentona's Travails into RMVX
Wandering Light
A Fantasy Tactical RPG made on RPG Maker VX with a big world to explore.
Pure Priceless Insanity
"My shadow keeps following me, and when you turn away from him. . . He kills people."
Tribal Stance V3.25
Conquer other villages to use as your own and prosper in your cluster.
They say when you meet her, you'll die soon.
Adventure Ace
Rob ancient cultures blind while you rebuild a guild and punch colleagues in THE FACE.
To take human form...
A tale of love, betrayal, and a disastrous future...
Blood Rose
Our dear Elise, please forgive us.
Demons of the Ripper
Story of an modern time Jack the Ripper
An old school adventure inspired by early NES and SNES RPGs.
Saga Crusade: The Harpy ...
Part of an episodic series.
In a land where adventurers race for wealth, three heirs fated to clash try to fulfill their dreams.
Castle Chase 2
"God help any villain who gets it in his head to kidnap her." -Solitayre
A quest where you are called to save the kingdom from rebellion.
The world needs a hero
Create your own city, expand on a world that changes based on whatever you do.