Bringing back Mode7

Yep, that mode 7 worldmap is a killer, alright! 3D~

Update #5

Talk about Phantasy Star... The first Phantasy Star game I've ever played was Phantasy Star Universe. Then after getting more interested in this Phantasy Star series from playing PSO2, I tried the original Phantasy Star... God blimey... I should've expected that from an RPG of its generation :(

*cough**cough* I'm fine with front view too; they do have their own aesthetics. I do expect battle commentaries (battle log) from a front view battle system. Spice up my imagination more :P ... You still have the choice to not put any battle logs though.

Chapter Selection...

Now this reminds me Live A Live more...

With fullspeed towards the full version!

If I may ask, can you upload those images in a more common image hosting site, like, imgur? It shows nothing in my browser.

And yeah, pretty much preferable to watch a preview.

Fixed, but what to do?

I know, after being blown by something as devastating as that... But still, be consistent. Finish what you've started first, Jenn. There's always time to remake, but not to finish it!

Change log and download errors.

... you have the point there... The game is encrypted. I forgot :(
Uploading only the encrypted data (not the audio AGAIN!) can help.

Change log and download errors.

... Redownload that much MBs again? Will there be a lighter patch or something? My poor internet quota :(

Energies in Cruna Aktrid

I did have answered that question some blogs ago...

Adding Maps

They do look nice, at least to me.

Cruna Aktrid's World

For this game, gameplay mechanics comes in mind first, then the story can adapt to make the mechanic relevant (including how jamu eliminates scars). Yep, many things of the world are there to adapt the gameplay.

I'm the type who thinks gameplay first, actually. But to make the gameplay inconsistent to the story and vice versa is not good either :(