Other alias: Luchi
Age: 30
Current obsession: Granblue Fantasy

"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit



The Works of an Icy Cactus

Am very slow.

Seriously decided to get into my digital painting again. I've been neglecting it for too long.

Some 'quickie' sky paintings: < 20 mins. I love Clip Studio. Like a lot.

RPG Maker 28th Birthday

Submitted my cutscene entry.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Main menu testing. Will probably be the first game where I make 0 maps.

Icebound Review

You should keep up the reviews as well. Become the next Soli or Addit. xD

RPG Maker 28th Birthday

I'll probably do one of two things 1) Polish up Icebound or 2) Fan-game stuff. Or both. Will definitely gun for that mapping challenge.

Icebound Review

Hey, thanks a lot for the review, Frogge. I admit its not my best game by a long shot, but I just sort of cobbled together something in under three weeks for the IGMC.

Maybe I'll release a more polished version in the future to iron out the gameplay (which is probably the game's weakest aspect >< Deadline hell didn't give me enough time to balance out stuff).

RPG Maker 28th Birthday

Wow... I'm older than RPGMaker itself. Guess I am old lol.

January 2018 Misao (im)Possibles

Whatever happened to Best of Blogs? ;_;

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I er.. had a lot of free time today, so I started working on my fangame. Need a bit of a break from crafting OG worlds and characters. Still using good 'ol VX.

Demo-related update for the people

Oh, I'm great. ^^ (yeah, I did a name change during the beginning of the month, may take some time for people to realise that the cactus is previously Luchi lol). I took a break from RMN for a while, but I'm back as well now. ^^