I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc


Babashook: The Game
Birthday Murder Party: Double Feature
Bloody Trip
Three Ghostly Noses

Super RMN World 2 - Made the levels Colorful Playground and Overgrown Grove.
SMBX Super Contest - Made the level Waterfall Heights.
Abyssal of the Opera - Character Artist
B&W Love - Mapper
Castle Oblivion: Remake - Pun Writer
Legion Saga DX - Some maps
Red Balloon of Happiness - Voice actor
The Golden Fish - Graphical Assistance


Check out Coastgrove, I upload REFMAP edits on there!

Two Strangers Survive th...
These strangers just can't get a break from wacky space adventures.



RMN Christmas Card 2020

May I remind that the intended release date is still december first >:(

AngelStarStudios and Spammer Mail

How come everyone other than me got the spam email :(

RMN The Room Review

You really gotta give it up for YDS for making a shitpost humour game in one day and still somehow making one of the coolest maps I have seen in an rpg maker game. Seriously my biggest refmap inspiration.

Commonplace Book

I am currently planning to develop an EarthBound-style game, but it may not fit the theme this time.

To quote the event page;
author=Evént Pajeh
Given that it's a halloween event making a horror game is encouraged but not an obligation. You can very well use the prompt to make a dark love story perhaps? Or a comedy horror kind of thing, it's up to you.

Also i said this on the discord but mirak this css is sick my man


damn rpg maker net user "sperm i dine", you really showed it to em


I love that it's just some random sidewalk where this happens XD

Games that "need" a film adaptation

I can see space funeral translating well into film visually but it would probably have to be animated. Ofcourse, with animated films being some of my favorites, I can 100% get behind this.

No idea what one could do for it plot wise, though. I've never played it. I agree with Cap, though. Why adapt a film when a creator can make something new that was specifically made for that medium? Rather than a space funeral film I'd just love to see a Catemites film.


I see this town is called Alexandria. Is anyone asking it?

Sorry, that sounds like nonsense out of context, it's a reference lol

RMN Midsummer Dreams 2010 Review

As someone working on a christmas card fangame, I absolutely agree that YDS makes amazing use of refmap and weird humour. I agree that these games are historically really interesting too, a look at members who have since left the community, moved on to other things or occasionally someone you'll recognize, it's a really nice little monument if that makes sense.

Every time I see people praising these games for being short and sweet though I get slightly worried about how big Christmas Card 2020 is because it can easily go up to like 2 hours even without the post-game content xD

[Poll] Mapdaptation Community Winner Poll

Yeah seems like it's about time to lock this, congrats CrazyBabi!