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My tv shows (Mostly so I can keep track of what I'm supposed to be watching)

Modern Family (10 seasons)
American Horror Story (8 seasons)
Brooklyn Nine Nine (6 seasons)
Orange is the New Black (5 seasons)
Bates Motel (5 seasons)
Black Mirror (5 seasons)
Channel Zero (4 seasons)
Stranger Things (3 seasons)
Santa Clarita Diet (3 seasons)
The Good Place (3 seasons)
How to Get Away with Murder (3 seasons)
Rick and Morty (3 seasons)
A Series of Unfortunate Events (3 seasons)
YOU (2 seasons)
Gravity Falls (2 seasons)
13 Reasons Why (2 seasons)
Lacasa de Papel (2 seasons)
Camp Camp (2 seasons)
The Office (2 seasons)
YOU (2 seasons)
The OA (2 seasons)
Infinity Train (2 season)
The End of the F***ing World (2 seasons)
Over the Garden Wall (1 season)
Dead of Summer (1 season)
Dark (1 season)
Disjointed (1 season)
Altered Carbon (1 season)
Insatiable (1 season)
Top of the Lake (1 season)
Slasher (1 season)
Riverdale (1 season)
The Haunting of Hill House (1 season)
Hilda (1 season)
Russian Doll (1 season)
Special (1 season)
Andi Mack (1 season)
Dead to Me (1 season)
The Sinner (Season 1)


Modern Family (Season 11)
How I Met Your Mother (Season 1)

Andi Mack (Season 2) (On hold)
The Office (Season 3) (On hold)

Next Up on My to Watch List

Into the Dark (Season 1)
Inside No 9 (Season 1)
RL Stine's the Haunting Hour (Season 1)
The X-Files (Season 1)
The Golden Girls (Season 1)
The Sinner (Season 2)
Slasher (Season 2)
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 1)
The Umbrella Academy (Season 1)
The Society (Season 1)
American Gods (Season 1)
Riverdale (Season 2)
How to Get Away with Murder (Season 4)

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Two Strangers Survive th...
These strangers just can't get a break from wacky space adventures.




Just letting you know that earlier on the RMN discord we were talking about some of the best mappers on rmn and I mentioned you among my top 8 so I'm talking behind your back fight me 1v1 this drama must be resolved (this map is so good SO GOOD)

Moonsong: First Verse

I don't have anything worthwhile to say but honestly, when do I ever, just enjoy me screaming because this looks great please


A Collection of Firsts

Not my first, but I don't have my first game saved anywhere and this was the first game I ever actually published on the internet.

NAME: Calm Town

ENGINE: Rpg Maker XP


DESCRIPTION/PLOT: As a kid I never understood that Harvest Moon is about farming, so I just went around town for hours simply talking to people. That's sorta the concept behind this, you talk to people (and lame enough, they each only have one line of dialogue to say), and try to solve the mystery of the town's stolen jewelry.

  • Broken english
  • Made-up words
  • Puzzles even I don't remember how to solve
  • Almost all map concepts stolen from Harvest Moon DS, badly
  • Complete silence the entire time because I forgot to add music
  • Uhhh there's like a joke about Selena Gomez or whatever


ITEM LOCATIONS (Seriously, there's no way you can find all of them by yourself)

Hammer: Check the pond in the map with the merchant, cat and child until you find it.
Planks: Inside the big wooden house right under yours, in a cabinet.
Rope: Inside a barrell outside the mansion.
Teddy bear: Bedside cabinet in your house.
Bag: From shopkeeper, bought for 10G that you receive after giving Jenny her teddy bear.
Parrot: In the map the wooden house, requires bag to catch.
Love letter: In the map with a large tree with a circular opening, you can go inside the tree, and talk to the bartender for it.
Blue beads: Deliver love letter.
Red beads: Deliver parrot in bag.
Axe & Pickaxe: Bought from the merchant for beads.
Vooloo ore: Inside the well, the white crsytal. Requires the rope and pickaxe.
Weird key: Give the vooloo ore to the witch. Unlocks small box in the bar's backroom.
Fairy King's key: Talk to the bartender again after delivering the love letter. It unlocks the backdoor in the bar (it says it will unlock the door in the next update but it actually works in the current version.)
Silver key: Inside the backroom of the bar, in the small box. Requires both keys. Unlocks the sideroom in the bar.
Bomb: Sideroom of the bar, inside the chest. Requires both axe and pickaxe. Used at the "treusare" island to blow up the cave wall in the bottommost room.

Extra secret: If you go to the shop after finding the lost man and stand in line with the newspaper on the wall, you get some extra dialogue.


Oh man, I had no idea this game existed. Thanks for introducing me to it, I'll try to play it sometime in summer and drop it a review as well.


Nice, I’m happy to see this on here in english! I look forward to giving it a second playthrough with a proper translation, thanks so much for putting it on rmn.


I'm more concerned that the front door isn't centered

Two Strangers Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Review

Woah this is such a pleasant surprise to wake up to! Makes me really happy that you liked it even more than the last two, thank you much! I highly doubt the fourth game will be able to live up since the premise is a lot more basic, but I hope it will at least serve as a nice break after the entire zombie arc and that ending, haha.

Theme Roulette 3

So let me get this straight ... to escape you first have to die?

Fairly sure it means that if one of your party members dies then they're gone for good during that battle.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Hi, guys. Not "really" a game description However, I was trying to write an ending for my game. It should be in the form of pictures or scrolling text. After that text, the game is over. But I'm not so good at writing it in an epic style and I'm not sure if it sounds completely natural. (I think it's garbage by now xD)

It's a medieval game where you play the king of Traventor island. The text should give the player a good feeling at the end, like "Yes, I did it! This was ME!" Hard to explain... You may also rewrite it completely, add things, etc. I'm curious how good this one can become. Thanks for your help. :)

With one last and final blow, the armies of Traventor, led by the great king, finally succeeded in wiping out the last great enemy army. Strengthened and untamed, the kingdom defended the capital from further invaders. Little by little, the soldiers succeeded in driving out the last orcs and dwarves who had once torn the land from under their noses. The orcs retreated into the mountains and the dwarves finally left the island. Since the great invasion, barbarians have also been sighted very rarely. Since the power of dark magic was no longer strong on the island, the last undead and other magical creatures that threatened the people were finally wiped out. The economy flourished again and life returned to normal. Port Traventor once again became a safe island where harmony reigns. Under the merciful guidance of a great king.

That might actually be a lot better if you used show rather than tell to animate all that on maps with sprites, or at least animated that in the background with the text overlayed on top, but if you're doing a strategy game I'd understand why you can't do that, in which case it's probably fine.

Phileas's Mirror

Every time i see an rpg maker 2003 game in 2020 my cold black heart gets a little warmer. Needless to say I am extremely hyped.