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Dead Again
Survive the living dead, again!
A story of love and loss, Burden follows Greg, father to a recently deceased son Ethan and husband to a wife who can’t quite grasp that loss.
Around me, crimson-stain...
"As our lives were taken away, we became vengeful. For those who insult our resting place, this is your punishment".
Dream of gluttony
Take a walk in a cute Food Town, make some friends and play with them! Only if you aren't human of course...
Little Balloons
A short game about losing control.
Broke Brodie
Won't you help Brodie on his birthday?
Polaris 03
Enter the Antarctic station and explore the depth of it in order to survive!
Cootie Patootie
A short adventure about love, made for Ludum Dare 35.
Nightmare traveler
Save your sister from a monster that stalks her in nightmares.
A horror adventure puzzle game
Dolorific: A House
A house that seems to defy the laws of reality.
Do Us Part
Twisted Fairy Tale, Matrimony Edition
June Bride Nightmare
Her love will never awaken again.
One Night at the Steeze
A night of fun complete with pizza, games, and stage props out to kill you!
Going in is easy, but returning is scary...
Tales from Rotten, Moonl...
RMN's own collaborative horror anthology!
A RPG Maker Pixel Horror Adventure game made for IGMC 2018
Birthday Kid
It's your birthday! You should go greet your guests...
Traum is a short, story-driven adventure about a man with a dream. Can even the best of plans be shattered by unexpected news?
KindergarTen 1 - No Merc...
Can you solve the mystery of this kindergarten?
A cop investigates a cult connected to a case of missing children.
Five friends. One house. Countless horrors.
Lost & Found
A short horror game
A story about the man who travels through time to rescue the world. For entry of the hallow event
The Mystery Files of Det...
Use your detective skills to unravel the mystery and reveal the killer to escape.
An alternate take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel. Puzzle game with horror elements.
A young boy makes the most important decision of his life.
Castle Red
A Survival Horror Experience
Ghost School
After being suddenly thrown into an abolished school, six high school students must find a way to escape!
A terror caused by the cockroaches.
The Village Demon
A long story-oriented game dealing with an omnipotent being and the repercussions.
After entering her familiar art college for a quick evening errand, senior student, Nicole, and her spunky sister soon realize it is not so familiar once the sun goes down
Body Elements
Horror game
One Of You
Three individuals suffering from amnesia find themselves trapped inside a cabin.
Don't make a promise you won't keep
The Victim
Elise returns from school on a stormy evening to find her parents missing.
Psychological Horror - Mystery
Kampong - The Shadow of ...
A horror game based on a real village, you play the role of Matt lost in the woods and happens to find the Kampong Village. Try survive this horror experience based on great horror games.
Densha Soul
Wrong ticket = a trip to hell.
5 Little Lights
Horror writer Gill O'Teen becomes trapped in a nightmarish story.
Close Your Eyes: Redux
Through a stroke of sheer luck, you've managed to escape death row. Taking to an underground subway, you must try to find your salvation. Can you break free of the past that binds you?
A dark tale of horror and insanity
An experience that will change your vision of the afterlife forever.
Dreamland R Final Mix
Survival Horror Game set in a supernatural town in the woods
'Can you overcome your own weakness?'
It's not the fall that hurts... it's the climb back up...
From Next Door
There seems to be something wrong with your new house after all.
"She won't stop screaming in the dark of night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it never helps."
Turtle Head
A horror RPG game about a group of friends that sneak into their school at night.
Lisa "The First"
The tale of a young girl.
A Visual Novel horror game in which your choices impact the story.
Thin Walls
A mysterious voice leads a young girl through a warped version of her memories
Save your friends from an evil entity, and learn the truth behind its existence.
Aria's Story
A story about a girl who loves books.
Sukutte - Save Me...
Japanese Horror Game
A young girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents. While observing the many exhibits, she suddenly realizes she is alone.
this game has been discontinued
Suzy and freedom
Short game inspired by a real life crime.
Dear Mariko
Why the haunted look in your eyes, Darien?
Afterlife: The Second Di...
Once upon a time, the Afterlife in a parallel universe...
A girl wandering in and trying to get out of a house.
A Psychological Horror Game
Lamia Nox
Survival horror about a little girl and a large mystery.
Desperate Love Feast
Can you find all the missing pieces and escape from the eerie, dark, sickening sort of love?
Japanese Horror Game
Imaginary Friends
"I wish I had a friend"
The God of Crawling Eyes
Survival horror/adventure game for the 2013 Halloween Contest
Scarlet must escape from a damaged hospital while avoiding a murderous stepfather
Classic camping trip gone wrong movie in game format
Blank Dream
A young girl commits suicides only to find herself alive... or is she?
The Witch's House
Are you ready to die a lot? I promise you will die a lot in this game.
A dream-exploration game set in the future.
One Night
A puzzling survival horror game which tasks you with finding a way out of a monster infested research facility.
Schuld (English Translat...
a short, surreal, psychological horror
Desert Nightmare (Englis...
English translation of a German horror adventure
Pocket Mirror Classic (2...
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
It Moves
If this game doesn't make your skin crawl…it's on too tight!
Darkest Dreams
Can you withstand the worst nightmare and uncover it's secrets?